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  • Automatic Fish Counter

    Automatic Fish Counter

    Under pressure from the Water Framework Directive, restoring the free movement of fish has now become a central priority imposed by public authorities. In most European countries, many fish passes have been installed, using technologies that are sometimes new and require validation. The monitoring of fish passes is traditionally achieved using fish-traps installed in the passes and checked regularly.

  • Accoustic Imaging Services

    Accoustic Imaging Services

    The use of sonar systems with different levels of resolution makes it possible to provide basic biological information such as the description of certain patterns of fish behaviour, their preferred occupation of certain substrata, etc…Our EK60, 38/200 kHz Combi D sonar from SIMRAD ( is a single-beam sonar which allows accurate identification of fish, including very small specimens. Combined with the SONAR 5 data processing...