PROGIS Software GmbH

PROGIS Software GmbH

PROGIS is a combination of an ICT & Consultant Company that understands in detail all the processes around agriculture, forestry, the integrated chain management incl. logistics, topics like precise or smart farming, environment- and natural risk management and delivers also guidance, consultancy and technology. A cooperation model allows technology integration what means customers speak with one organization – PROGIS - and get the benefits of many technologies.

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Postgasse 6 , Villach , A-9500 Austria
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Software vendor
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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  • Agriculture: Farmers or group of farmers or entire countries are managed, with GIS and maps, farm-, forest-management, logistics, chain integration, precision farming, land consolidation etc.
  • Forestry: with GIS and forest maps based on ortho-images forest inventory system based on Relaskop-measurements and automatic stocking- or growth-calculation and the entire forest management is done.
  • Logistics: Integrates the entire chain from farmers, machines and drivers, suppliers and buyers, service providers and even banks or insurance companies if wanted to optimize all the processes with a trust center in background.
  • Environment- and Risk-management: Farmers and foresters influence the environment and natural risks. Optimized model – planned and implemented with WinGIS and EnvirOffice – will create new services.

Why ProGIS?

  • We know what we are talking about
  • We are farmers, foresters consultants and ICT people
  • We also take care of organizational tasks
  • We integrate all necessary technologies
  • We feel comfortable managing an entire chain or country


We have been driven by carefully understanding the needs of the farmers, small and big ones, as well as the entire chain from farmers, their suppliers and buyers, the bank- and insurance or even the public services and advisory services, if public or private needs on information. We feel deeply involved with the farmers critical thinking of splitting information of the ground and ownership of it as we will fail with responsibility. If nobody is responsible for a result it will not be the result we wish to have.
Further we are as holistic thinkers with more than 500 man-years of experience in ICT based agriculture-forestry-environmental caretaking driven to create solutions that fit to the different user groups and benefit them within a sustainable business model.
Agriculture and forestry and the integrated food chains as well as chain logistics and the environmental caretaking and risk management tasks are heavily interrelated and connected and need always public AND private resources to be managed for the best of the entire population. This needs not only optimized technological solutions but also precise understanding of the complex chain with its giant industries connected with millions of farmers working in a globalized market but also the many small and local markets and its participants and the deep connected environmental and medical tasks and ethical principles needed to manage it sustainable. On the other hand, if we due to failures, greed or unethical principles downsize our banks the problem we can manage with a few zeros less, when we destroyed our nature to repair is not an easy task – if repairable!
Our solutions cover the entire needs and will also allow to close the gap between farmers and consumers for the target to create more, better and healthy food, clear water and a clean air, a nice landscape, all under sustainable principles.