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Products by Landoll Corporation

  • Brillion - Model 2-Bar & 3-Bar - Mounted Chisel Plow

    Brillion - Model 2-Bar & 3-Bar - Mounted Chisel Plow

    The Brillion Chisel Plow is the foundation tillage tool that brought Brillion into the primary tillage business.  The Chisel Plow is a very basic, economic implement that in many cases has been the primary tillage tool of choice due to excessive residue, rocks, and stones.  These tools started the “Conservation Tillage” movement in American agriculture.

  • Brillion  - LandCommanderIII

    Brillion - LandCommanderIII

    The Brillion Land Commander® III is a conventional Disc/Ripper/Disc style of primary tillage tool that was designed from customer feedback that dates back into the 1990s.

  • Brillion - Model Series IV - Compaction Commander

    Brillion - Model Series IV - Compaction Commander

    The Compaction Commander Series IV is part of the primary tillage tool category.  It is an in-line deep tillage machine equipped with parabolic style auto-reset shanks.  The Compaction Commander is available in sizes from three shanks to nine shanks.

  • Brillion - Zone Commander

    Brillion - Zone Commander

    The Brillion Zone Commander is a compaction management tool designed to address soil compaction issues within the growth profile in a controlled manner in a defined area.  Designed from the ground up to meet the requirements of compaction control with minimal surface disturbance, the Zone Commander has developed the reputation of being a very reliable machine that has the ability to work in unknown soil profiles without failure or downtime.

Products by Shelbourne Reynolds Engineering Ltd

  • Harvesting

  • Model CVS - Stripper Header

    Model CVS - Stripper Header

    The CVS range is suitable for harvesting Wheat, Durum, Barley, Oats, Flax and other small grain crops. The CVS Stripper Header's unique stripping action simply strips the grain from the heads, feeding just the grain and a little chaff into your combine, increasing harvesting speed, reducing fuel consumption and greatly reducing wear on your combine.The stainless steel 'Seed Saver' stripping fingers are orientated with the cups facing...

  • Model RSD - Stripper Headers

    Model RSD - Stripper Headers

    The RSD range of Stripper Headers is suitable for harvesting Rice, Grass Seed and other small grains. Harvesting rice presents a unique set of challenges, high moisture, high yields and tough separation conditions. The RSD Rice Special stripper header's unique design helps rice producers gain better returns by improving harvesting performance. The RSD's 8 rows of stainless steel fingers simply strip the grain from the head, eliminating the need for...

  • Mekanag Header Transporter

    Mekanag Header Transporter

    The Mekanag range of combine header transporters are designed to be strong, safe and convenient to use. The range consists of 11 models able to carry upto a 41 foot header. Standard features include quick and easy loading/unloading of the header, the attachment points are in full view of the operator. The header is supported along the full length of the cutterbar by the square section cutterbar support tube. The rear of the header is then...

  • Pick Up Header

    Pick Up Header

    The Shelbourne Pick-Up header range is designed to be used in conjunction with the Advantage Swather. This oilseed rape harvesting system gives maximum harvesting capacity and minimum losses. Other popular applications include grass seed harvesting. The joint-less one piece conveyor belt eliminates any possibility of grain loss even in small seeded crops.The basic machine consists of a suspended conveyor module which covers the full width. A large...

  • Livestock

  • Powermix - Diet Feeder

    Powermix - Diet Feeder

    The Powermix Pro range of complete diet feeder is available in both single and twin vertical auger models that gives a range of mixer feeder capacities from 9 cubic metres up to 25 cubic metres.A uniquely designed central auger carries out both the chopping and mixing functions by lifting the ration ingredients up the centre of the mixer from where they move to the outside to be drawn back down to the bottom to begin the cycle again....

  • Powerspread - Side Discharge Manure Spreaders

    Powerspread - Side Discharge Manure Spreaders

    The Powerspread from Shelbourne Reynolds is the most comprehensive  range of side discharge manure spreaders available with the ability to spread all types of farmyard dung including dry poultry litter and industrial wastes accurately and with a fine fragmentation.

  • Cubicle Bedder

    Cubicle Bedder

    The Shelbourne Cubicle Bedder is designed to dispense a uniform layer of bedding material to either side quickly and with minimal operator effort. A significant advantage of this machine is that it can spread a very wide range of materials including, sawdust, shavings, paper, chopped straw, sand and green bedding all by adjusting the same machine rather than using different machines. The Cubicle Bedder can also...

  • Parmiter - Shear Bucket

    Parmiter - Shear Bucket

    Designed with the Maize Grower and Complete Diet Feeding systems in mind the Shear Bucket encapsulates all the elements of the Shear Grab, and combines it with a bucket for unrivalled versatility. The Shear Bucket therefore effectively handles loose foodstuffs and concentrates eliminating the need for two attachments, and the untimely changes made between them. No feedstuff escapes during transport! Many farmers suffer from silage dropping off of...

  • Groundcare

  • Model 300 Series - 50hp - Hedge and Verge Trimmer

    Model 300 Series - 50hp - Hedge and Verge Trimmer

    The Shelbourne 350 hedge and verge trimmer is a solidly built simple machine aimed at the entry level end of the market, capable of reliable performance for both farmers, contractors and local authorities.

  • Model 400 Series - 50hp - Compact Power Slew Trimmer

    Model 400 Series - 50hp - Compact Power Slew Trimmer

    The 450 is a 5m reach compact power slew trimmer. The only difference between the 350 and 450 series machines is that the 450 incorporates power slew making the machine more compact from a road transport standpoint as well as enabling the operator to trim into field corners more easily. The 450 at 1190kg is light enough to be compatible with smaller lighter tractors but strong enough...

Products by Sunflower Manufacturing - part of AGCO Corporation

  • Primary Tillage Tools

  • Sunflower - Model 4213 / 4233 - Primary Tillage Tool

    Sunflower - Model 4213 / 4233 - Primary Tillage Tool

    Eliminate Soil Compaction While Managing Crop Residue. Soil compaction is a thief; robbing you of yields by denying your crop of nutrients and moisture. The 4200 Series from Sunflower is the answer. This coulter chisel can completely fracture hardpans and eliminate soil compaction to a depth of 12“. Equip the heavy chisel standards with twisted points and together with the large diameter coulters spaced every 7 1/2' the crop residue is sized and...

  • Sunflower - Model 4412 - Disc Ripper Disc

    Sunflower - Model 4412 - Disc Ripper Disc

    The 4412 is an exceptional combo primary tillage tool requiring less horsepower per shank than many competitors. The H.D. Auto Reset shanks of the 4412 are positioned between the front and rear disc gangs. The 4412’s “Disc-Ripper-Disc” design reduces the power demands by twenty percent as compared to competitor’s “Disc- Ripper” designs by getting the shanks closer to the tractor. The front disc blades are...

  • Sunflower - Model 4511 / 4530 - Chisel Disc

    Sunflower - Model 4511 / 4530 - Chisel Disc

    The Sunflower 4511 and 4530 are primary tillage tools built around the performance proven staggered, overlapping front and staggered rear disc gang design. This design, long used in the tandem disc harrows, is field proven to uniformly cut the working width of the tool and leave the field surface smooth and ridge free. They are medium depth tillage tools with working depths up to twelve inches.

  • Land Finishers

  • Sunflower - Model 6221 - Land Finishers

    Sunflower - Model 6221 - Land Finishers

    A One Pass Tillage Solution To Poor Germination. Perform your discing, incorporation, cultivating, and field finishing in one tillage pass. Don't accept poor germination when the solution is seed bed preparation. The Sunflower 6221 Land Finisher can enhance seed-to-soil contact and create a favorable environment for early root growth. The 6221 is designed for smaller tractors but delivers large performance.

  • Air Drills

  • Sunflower - Model 9800 - Single Disc Air Drill

    Sunflower - Model 9800 - Single Disc Air Drill

    The Newest Drill Technology in Two Decades!Some have already referred to the Sunflower 9800 Single Disc Drill as a “speed drill” due to its unique ability to seed at a higher speeds without creating uneven seed rows. However, you may just want to call it “extremely versatile.” Whether you run it fast or slow; in no-till, minimum-till or conventional till; flat ground or on a slope, the Sunflower 9800 works well in all...

  • Sunflower - Model 9830NT - Air Drills

    Sunflower - Model 9830NT - Air Drills

    Seed it faster, with better accuracy and control!The SF9830NT features an integrated two compartment tank and a narrow, 11.5’ (3.5 m), transport width. The brawn of the SF9830NT is the field proven, single rank, single disc opener system and the brain is the AgControl system providing product rate control of each meter shaft by section. This system delivers the precision high speed seeding performance and product rate control demanded by...

  • Disc Harrows

  • Sunflower - Model 1212 - Selling Disc Harrows

    Sunflower - Model 1212 - Selling Disc Harrows

    The Model 1212 Disc Harrow is Sunflower's discing answer for America's smaller farmers. It is available in rigid models only and matches tractor horsepower in the range of 110 and lower. With exception of gauge wheels the 1212 has all of the same outstanding features common to the 1233. It's tough, heavy and capable of performing primary and finish discing operations. Like all discs from Sunflower, the 1212 truly meets the toughest standards, earning...

  • Sunflower - Model 1444 - Selling Disc Harrows

    Sunflower - Model 1444 - Selling Disc Harrows

    The model 1444 disc by Sunflower features four section flexibility for unmatched ground hugging capabilities. The unique linkage system allows each half of the unit to function independently, not only from side to side, but also from front to rear. Now newly redesigned with grease-free transports and wing hinges, the 1444 is designed to save you time and increase your productivity. Consider the flexibility of the 1444 from Sunflower, it will provide...

  • Sunflower - Model 1544 - Selling Disc Harrows

    Sunflower - Model 1544 - Selling Disc Harrows

    Built for today's large acreage discing, the model 1544 is available in working widths of 42' and 45'. Time saving features include single-point front-mounted depth controls and improved clearance, both in the field and on the road. Six pairs of walking tandems provide excellent weight distribution and flotation. The lift system pivots on maintenance-free UHMW plastic sleeves that totally eliminate greasing. Sunflower's 1544 offers unmatched...

  • Sunflower - Model 1550 - Tandem Selling Disc Harrows

    Sunflower - Model 1550 - Tandem Selling Disc Harrows

    The 1550 Series Tandem Disc Harrow is available in working widths of 47’ and 50’. The Sunflower exclusive “Duplex Wing Hinge” provides the 1550 with unsurpassed flexibility in the field. Dual pivots designed into the hinge means a lower wing flex point when working. This lower pivot position gives the 1550 more downward flex than the competitors’ disc and enables the 1550 to hug the ground without gouging or ridging the...

  • Sunflower - Model 1710 / 1730 - Offset Disc Harrows

    Sunflower - Model 1710 / 1730 - Offset Disc Harrows

    The new 1700 series offset disc harrows take weight and strength dimensions to a new level. Featuring large diameter full concavity blades and some of the highest weights per foot of cut in the industry, the 1700 series is designed to penetrate packed soils, as well as the thickly matted crop residue that comes with today’s high-yielding, genetically modified crop varieties.

  • Sunflower - Model 1710 HD - Offset Disc Harrows

    Sunflower - Model 1710 HD - Offset Disc Harrows

    The 1710HD series offset disc harrows are built tough to withstand the rigors of the construction, mining and forest industries. Robust 6” x 12” x 3/8” tubular steel frames and 36” diameter disc blades combine to produce working weights in excess of 900 pounds per blade. The 1700HD’s large diameter notched disc blades with 2-3/4” gang shafts and 18” blade spacings creates a low bearing to blade ratio...

  • Other Products

  • Sunflower - Model 2510 / 2530 - Chisel

    Sunflower - Model 2510 / 2530 - Chisel

    There's no better way to improve water and nutrient infiltration than to break up the hardpan. To accomplish this, the 2500 Series features a heavy-duty 4” x 4” tubular welded frame, walking tandems and gauge wheels on every full wing frame. These components combine to keep the chisel points at depth no matter how rolling the terrain. Chose the shank to match the task: the 650-pound conventional flat shanks with extension springs will...

  • Sunflower - Model 7200 - Soil Conditioners

    Sunflower - Model 7200 - Soil Conditioners

    Completes Your Tillage Tools Performance. Whether you're pulling the Sunflower 7200 Soil Conditioner behind a primary or secondary tillage tool, the results are the same-Improved Effectiveness of the Host Machine and Enhanced Efficiency of the Operator.

  • StripTill Tools

  • Sunflower - Model 7610 / 7630 - Strip-Till Tools

    Sunflower - Model 7610 / 7630 - Strip-Till Tools

    Crafted with the strength and features demanded by today’s high-horsepower precision farming. The 7600 series Strip-Till tool is available in 20’ (6.10 m) and 30’ (9.15 m) tool bars accommodating eight and twelve row units at 30” (762 mm) spacing. Heavy duty parallel links connect the row units to the frame. This keeps the shank and blade angles true no matter the conditions. Adjustable components feature fixed angle and depth...

  • Dump Wagons

  • Sunflower - Model 8010-8020 - Dump Wagons

    Sunflower - Model 8010-8020 - Dump Wagons

    Increase your efficiency of haying and forage operations without unhooking conventional wagons or waiting on trucks to return. Pulling a Richardton wagon will reduce the compaction caused by truck traffic in the fields during a wet year.

  • Sunflower - Model 8210 - Dump Wagons

    Sunflower - Model 8210 - Dump Wagons

    Simple Operation and Low Maintenance.Reduce Costs and Speed up Your Operation.Variable dumping height saves you labor, time and equipment, and that saves you money! The Model 8210-900 can gently transfer up to 40,000 lbs of product into a receiving vehicle at any height from 10' to 15'. No augering and gentle transfer means less bruising or cracking when you harvest: Seed Corn, Sweet Corn, Dry Edible Beans, Sugar Beets, Vegetables, Peanuts, Peppers...

  • Field Cultivators

  • Sunflower - Model 5035  - Field Cultivators

    Sunflower - Model 5035 - Field Cultivators

    Sunflower's Model 5035 Field Cultivator features heavy construction, outstanding clearance and superb flotation. The 3' x 4' rectangular tube frame provides the strength today's high horsepower tractors require, and Sunflower's computer design features optimum shank placement for unmatched clearance. The Model 5035 features single point depth control with rephasing lift cylinders...all covered under our three year warranty. Shanks are available in...

  • Fallow Tillage Tools

  • Sunflower - Model 3000 - Fallow Tillage Tools

    Sunflower - Model 3000 - Fallow Tillage Tools

    The Fallow-King is specially built for the wide range of soil conditions found on the Great Plains. It performs both primary and secondary tillage activities. The entire Fallow-King series features two rows of shanks and frames that flex every 7' to hug the terrain on flat or rolling ground, even over terraces. You can run shallow without the fear of skipping or gouging and Sunflower's computer design features optimum shank placement and provides a 6'...