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  • Mills- Cleaning Section

  • Model PBT - Drum Separator

    Model PBT - Drum Separator

    Drum separator PBT si designed for preliminary grain cleaning. It founds usage especially in postharvest lines and silos. PBT precleans cereals using a rotary screen. The product is dosed to the distribution screw, which, with the help of adjustable vanes and dampers, spreads product over the entire rotary screen. Using the rotary screen, the product is sorted into two portions. Overflow from the rotary screen are impurities larger than the...

  • Rendering Plants- Material Intake and Preparation

  • Model PZPS - Intake Bin

    Model PZPS - Intake Bin

    Intake bin is for intake of raw material from collecting means, for its accumulation and distribution to the following device. Intake bin could be construct for intake of carcasses (bones, offals, cutting etc.), feather or cadavers (dead animals). According to the use intake bin is adjust. Intake bin could be equipp with one, two or more screw shafts. Emptying output could be control by frequency converter. Intake bin can be...