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  • Green Forage Machinery

  • Pronar - Model PWP460 - Rotary Tedder

    Pronar - Model PWP460 - Rotary Tedder

    Rotary tedder PWP460 is the latest model in Pronar’s range of tenders. Rotary tedder Pronar PWP460 is designed for spreading freshly mown grass or scour lightly dried hay, in order to speed up the drying process. PWP460 evenly spreads and rolls the material without destroying. It also deprives the material of the earth, peat, so that in the final stage received feed is free from contaminants. Robust design makes the rotary tedder reliable and...

  • Pronar - Model ZKP460T - Rotary Rake

    Pronar - Model ZKP460T - Rotary Rake

    Rotary rake Pronar ZKP460T is the latest model in the range of rotary rakes. Thanks to its robust construction and transmission of tangentially-set rotor arms, lubricated in an oil bath, characterized by high resistance, ZKP460T provides reliable performance in all operating conditions, regardless of the swath type. High quality materials used to manufacture rotary rake Pronar ZKP460T guarantee its long-term use. Simple design of rotary rakes ZKP460T...

  • Pronar - Model PDT300C - Disc Mower

    Pronar - Model PDT300C - Disc Mower

    PRONAR PDT300C rear mounted disc mower. Central suspension which was used in the mower ensures an excellent operation on uneven and steep surface, clean and aesthetic cut and also optimum cutting height. Another advantage of this design is the three – step adjustment system of stay springs – 70, 80 or 90 kg which guarantees optimum pressure of the mower on the ground depending on the type of surface from soft soil, peat, up to the hard and...

  • Tractors

  • Pronar - Model 8140 - Tractor

    Pronar - Model 8140 - Tractor

    Tractor Pronar 8140 will be appreciated by customers with high hardware requirements, it is excellent both in the field and in transport hard works. Mounted Deutz 6-cylinder turbocharged engine generates 265hp and is a guarantee of reliability and low operating costs. ZF gearbox gives the ability to select the appropriate gear ratio from the available 40 forward gears and 40 reverse gears. With powerful hydraulics with a maximum lifting capacity of...

  • Pronar - Model 5222 - Tractor

    Pronar - Model 5222 - Tractor

    Tractor Pronar 5222 is designed for customers with small and medium-sized farms, and also perfectly suited as a auxillary tractor in large-scale farms. 4-cylinder, turbocharged IVECO engine mounted in the tractor generates power 86hp. This power is transmitted to the wheels via a Carraro gearbox which offering 24 gears forward and 24 backward. The tractor is equipped with a reverse gear. Tractor Pronar 5222 is a combination of high performance...