ProPak Software is a unique software development and agri-business company that has been serving our clients for over twenty years. Our technical staff has a very diverse skill-set including cutting edge software development, combined with deep agriculture knowledge gained by “hands on” experiences from the fields, groves, and ranches of our grower/clients from Florida to California. We are experts at working with your existing systems and integrating them to our new software products. That’s how we are “Putting the Pieces Together” At ProPak Software we know that a successful project begins by listening and understanding your business requirements. We have successfully implemented numerous projects of various sizes and complexity. We have experience in bridging the gap from “that’s how we have always done it” to “how it might, could and should be done today”

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150 Third Street SW, Floor 2 , Winter Haven , Florida 33880 USA

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Software vendor
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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ProPak Software has created a new generation of simple to use software products that use web based technology that is specifically designed for grower/farming operations. LandMagic consists of a suite of powerful Software Products that are easy to install and implement. Web based software that is simple and obvious to use, with advanced features like multi-user language support that uses a customizable glossary to display and print your terminology. LandMagic products are designed to help you make your agribusiness operation more productive, manageable and remain industry compliant with today’s Food Safety regulations.

Our primary goal for LandMagic software products is to keep it simple to use, with continual improvements to help your operation run more efficiently and be more profitable. We built all LandMagic products to be flexible and to integrate with each other and with third party systems through web-service technology. The beauty of our product by product design is the freedom that allows our Grower/Clients to implement only what they need. Our experienced implementation specialists can help you maximize the value of your investment in LandMagic. Give us a call and let us show you how we can transform your agri-business and crop production operations with LandMagic.