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  • Marine Farming- Mooring Systems

  • Mooring Materials

    Mooring Materials

    A wide variety of mooring materials for all types of moorings is available: ROPES (nylon, polysteel, braided or twisted) in all dimensions . CONNECTION PLATES in heavy duty galvanized steel. CHAINS of every type and grade. ANCHORS  for all applications. SHACKLES,  THIMBLES etc MOORING GEAR. ALL MATERIALS WITH CERTIFICATES UPON REQUEST

  • Marine Farming- Aquaculture Nets

  • Proteus - Circular Aquaculture Nets

    Proteus - Circular Aquaculture Nets

    3 peripheral horizontal ropes on top, waterline, and bottom-line. Additional intermediate ropes if required. Vertical ropes every 2,5 meters or according to customer’ s wishes. Loops of 1,5 meters on top line for fixing on cage railing. Thimbles on crossing of water and bottom-line with all verticals. 4 or 8 ropes crossing bottom, depending on cage size and type of netting. Rings on the crossings of the intermediate ropes with all verticals....

  • Proteus - Anti Bird Aquaculture Nets

    Proteus - Anti Bird Aquaculture Nets

    The use of Anti-bird nets is of essential importance, especially in marine farms. There are several types of materials available as well as several ways to mount them on CAGES or over LAND BASED tanks. Dimensions and material specifications are depending on the specific site requirements. Proteus is your specialized advisor on the subject.

  • Marine Farming- Aquaculture Cages

  • Proteus - Square Aquaculture Cages

    Proteus - Square Aquaculture Cages

    Wide range of sizes, upon customer request from 5X5m to 20X20m. Available in groups of 2,4,6,8,...etc.  Net hooks for the net hanging. Optional anti-slip workstation

  • Tuna Farming

  • Proteus - Tuna Cages

    Proteus - Tuna Cages

    Proteus has collected through the years a huge experience in designing and commissioning cages for tuna ranching purposes.

  • Proteus - Tuna Nets

    Proteus - Tuna Nets

    Based on the customer’s requirements, Proteus has the experience to propose the ideal design for high endurance tuna nets. Combining handicraft with modern machinery and best quality materials, Proteus is able to provide the best solution for towing and holding nets for bluefin and yellowfin tuna ranching.  ALSO AVAILABLE: Sweep nets, special net constructions, EVA floats, Netting 210/300 and 210/400 for tuna towing and holding.

  • Hatcheries- Water Treatment

  • Hatchery Water Degasing and Filtration Systems

    Hatchery Water Degasing and Filtration Systems

    Proteus has collected a huge experience in water filtration systems for Hatcheries. Depending on the composition and the specific characteristics of the available waters, Proteus is able to make the appropriate and most cost effective water treatment proposal. Drum and sand filters, UV filters and degasers are the most usual treatment equipment for the primary water filtration of marine hatcheries. We undertake the calculations, the...

  • Hatcheries- Tanks for Aquaculture

  • Live Fish Transport Tanks

    Live Fish Transport Tanks

    A wide variety of tanks is available, for any type of live fish transport. For example: Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) tanks with insulation for TRUCK juvenile and broodstock transport. GRP tanks suitable for CRANE and BOAT handling. Low Cost ONE-WAY Rotation moulded PE tanks for long distance air transport. Special design possible upon request.

  • Aquaculture Equipment

  • Submersible Underwater Cameras

    Submersible Underwater Cameras

    Proteus has developed a wide variety of submersible cameras, specially designed for the aquaculture industry, in co-operation with the most experienced companies in this sector.

  • Feeding Cannon on Wheels

    Feeding Cannon on Wheels

    Proteus feeding cannons have been successfully in operation in the sea-bream and sea-bass business for many years, are diesel powered and hydraulic driven on a heavy duty stainless steel frame.

  • Seal Scarer

    Seal Scarer

    The Seal Scarer is an acoustic seal repellent system. The sound produced by the Seal Scarer has been proved effective in keeping seal at a good distance from fish farms etc. The system consists of a control unit and a transducer (sound head). The control unit contains a pulse generator and an amplifier and transmits random bursts of audio frequency signals to the transducer, where they are converted into intense sound. This sound is on a frequency,...

  • Fish Counter System

    Fish Counter System

    Proteus has developed its own fish counters system. It has a central control unit and can be connected with 4 counters. The system capacity can be up to 60.000 pieces per minute, depending on the fish size. Fish counters are usually combined with fish graders or vaccination tables. Proteus has the ability to offer a tailor made fish counting solution.