PT. Sainindo Kurniasejati

PT. Sainindo Kurniasejati is the only company in Indonesia which produce agricultural insect pest trap. Our products include Multi Light Insect Trap, Octagonal Insect Sticky Trap. This Multi Trap is an effective solution for insect control in crop fields. This cutting edge device identifies the Pest and Insects pattern and develops Pest Management and control plan accordingly. Our Solar Powered Multi Light Insect Trap is completely automatic, economical and eco-friendly device. SAININDO OCTATRAP is a device or tool that tubular octagonal, made from yellow plastic and serves as a place to put the yellow plastic sheet where SAININDO 10 VP glue will be applied. All device helps to catch all the Flying Nymphs and Adult insects like Fruit Fly, Leaf folder, Stem borer moths, Fruit borer moths, Hoppers etc. All of which have passed the field test and has received a certificate from the Indonesian agriculture ministry, so it is suitable for use on a variety of agricultural land

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