P.T.M. s.r.l. s.u.

P.T.M. s.r.l. s.u.

The Company was established at the end of the 19th Century when technology was rudimentary. Physical labour and direct relationship with people are still at the core of our values. We are one of the leading ventilation components supplier because our strength lies in innovation, lifelong learning and safety. PTM team is a group of qualified and dedicated persons, with great passion and wish to work. PTM products are the result of great experience, of the long-lasting cooperation with their customers, of the recurring technical challenges and of the steady wish for changes and future. PTM is deeply convinced that only a precise perception of needs leads to the search of new solutions, and only the wish to surprise gives the possibility to reach the most innovating solutions. PTM works along with his customers everyday in order to find out the winning solutions. Nowadays PTM Technology is a leader supplier of chain conveyors, belt conveyors and much more.

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Via M. Tognato, 10 , Este (PD) , 35042 Italy
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Excellence  is the main target : in products, services and solutions. Quality, competence and efficiency  are special instruments in order to compete successfully in the global market.  We do not have to consider globalization and competition as problems/obstacles, but as incentives for a continuous  self -improvement. Excellence in bucket elevators, sampling systems, in each single component.

PTM company was born at the end of the 19th century  when information technology, mobile phones, cars and airplanes did not exist. When everything was based on physical labour and on a direct relationship with people. A lot of time has gone by and everything has changed. Four generations have succeeded, all of them making up, investing and fighting with the same determination, with the same wish for growth, with the same effort to do one’s own work well. Nowadays, in a world so different from what it used to be, where men have conquered the Moon and are aiming at landing on Mars, PTM  owes it to this people if it is still operating in the global market, growing stronger and the more determined to play its role in the bucket elevators and belt conveyors sector.