Pulsating Irrigation Products, Inc.

Pulsating Irrigation Products, Inc.

Pulsating Irrigation Products, Inc.

Pulsating Irrigation Products (PIP) is an irrigation company specializing in low flow frost protection and irrigation. PIP’s innovative R&D efforts focus on the needs of modern agriculture, and offers solutions specially designed to meet those needs. PIP is the exclusive owner of the patented Pulsator technology developed by engineer Gideon Ruttenberg more than 20 years ago. The PIP Pulsator has been marketed extensively worldwide and has been used by growers ever since its introduction. PIP’s Pulsator is a small device that converts a continuous low flow entering its inlet into an instantaneous high flow ejected through its outlet in short pulses. As demonstrated in the video, PIP’s Pulsators are uniquely engineered to deliver water in an efficient and cost-effective manner to our customers.

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43391 Business Park Drive, Suite C-7 , Temecula , CA 92590 USA
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In recent years, PIP has dramatically increased its global presence as it has expanded into new regions. PIP is proudly bringing its highly efficient pulsating irrigation devices to countries all over the globe by working with a talented group of local distributors.

Pulsating Irrigation Products was founded by Israeli engineer Gideon Ruttenberg in order to solve the many technical and economic problems of conventional irrigation systems. PIP’s first pulsating irrigation system, which became known as “the bottle irrigation system”, was introduced in 1984. By 1990, PIP introduced the Pulsator® Series 100, which operates at drip flow rates. In 2006, PIP released the Pulsator® Series 200 with a new innovative strip jet, which is specifically designed for frost protection and cooling of vineyards. PIP’s Pulsators® are currently used to protect against frost damage in some of the most prestigious vineyards in the world. The Pulsators® are compatible with different micro-jets, micro-spinners, insert protected spinners, misters, and sprayers for its various applications.

Pulsator Applications

  • Frost protection of grapes, apples, and other crops   
  • Cooling of poultry and livestock
  • Cooling of grapes, cherries, and other crops   
  • Irrigation of trees, bushes, and flowers
  • Humidity control, cooling, and irrigation of greenhouses   
  • Germination of plants in nurseries