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  • Single Stage Egg Incubator

    Single Stage Egg Incubator

    Besides the basic functions like automatic temperature and humidity control, regular eggs turning-over time and other alarms, the single stage egg incubator also has a set of protection systems in particular to ensure the safety during the incubating process, such as the conductivity meter for overheat prevention, twice temperature control under emergency, manual eggs turning-over option, etc.

  • Model EI-WL2/X - Poultry House Climate Controller

    Model EI-WL2/X - Poultry House Climate Controller

    The climate controller is a multi-functional and regulating system that is used to control and improve the poultry breeding environment. It is a network information platform which combines the text, image, animation, voice and video. Information about temperature, humidity, ammonia concentration, static pressure and water supply can be collected during operating process. And with our remote control system, power failure alarm of poultry equipment and the...