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  • QEP - ECA unit

    QEP - ECA unit

    The QEP Holland ECA-unit provides the solution for problems regarding diseases in the irrigation system. The ECA-unit produces a disinfectant which is added to the irrigation water or drain water. ECA-water rapidly kills off most viruses, bacteria and fungi and other organic contamination. Injection of the ECA-water to the dripping system allows for healthier roots and a lower disease rate. It also prolongs the lifetime of the dripping hoses by...

  • QEP - Micron Mixer

    QEP - Micron Mixer

    The QEP Holland Micron mixer is the smaller version of the mixing unit unit and adds fertiliser to the irrigation system. The unit is particularly developed for the small (professional) grower of any sort of crop, also for the outdoor cultivation. This could include potted plant growers, nurserymen and fruit cultivators. The QEP MX-XSA can work an irrigation acreage of approx. 0,5Ha to approx. 3,5Ha. The QEP MX-XSA is a very compact and versatile...

  • QEP - Mixing Unit

    QEP - Mixing Unit

    At its core the mixing unit is a versatile and universal controllable conditioning unit to prepare the irrigation water for your crop. All mixing units are custom build to suit your situation best. The mixing units can be applied in direct irrigation to the field, whether you are using overhead sprinklers or drippers, or in indirect irrigation where the unit will be used to fill prepared stock tanks. In this case the irrigation to the field is done by...