Quality Equipment (QE)

Quality Equipment (QE)

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  • Pig Equipment

  • Quality Equipment QE - Balance Floor Farrowing System

    Quality Equipment QE - Balance Floor Farrowing System

    The Balance Floor Farrowing System has a unique moving floor which dramatically reduces the chance of pigs being overlaid by the sow, especially during the crucial first few days after birth when they are particularly vulnerable.

  • Quality Equipment QE - Carcass Remover

    Quality Equipment QE - Carcass Remover

    The Caesar carcass remover is steel galvanised with a towing capacity of up to 350kg. With the death of pigs being an ever occurring problem on pig farms, this easy to use, pain free pig carcass remover is the ideal machine to save time, money and stress for any pig farmer. The electric motor is not only used for winching sows onto the machine, but also for supporting the transportation of the sows out of the pig house.

  • Pig Feeders

  • Sprintomat - Grow Wet/Dry Feeders

    Sprintomat - Grow Wet/Dry Feeders

    The Wet Feeder for Newly Weaned Pigs. The Sprintomat is the new generation of wet feeder where feed is dispensed together with water at a variable ratio. New sensor technology ensures optimum feeding quantities by maintaining freshness and minimising feed wastage. Newly weaned pigs achieve the best feed intake and growth performance when fed wet feed on a little and often basis, as when suckling with their mother. This early growth advantage continues...

  • Quality Equipment - Plastic Pig Hoppers

    Quality Equipment - Plastic Pig Hoppers

    Plastic hoppers don’t rust and are easy to clean. Our range includes conventional hoppers for weaners and finishers in a variety of sizes up to 8’ long. We also have a range of single and twin-space feeders for finishers, gilts and sows and some include a wet/dry facility by means of a water nipple above the trough. There are special feeders for farrowing pens. A range of feeders for the Freedom Food Scheme is also available.

  • Conventional Steel Hopper

    Conventional Steel Hopper

    Suitable for pigs from weaning to finishing, standard sizes up to 8’ long can be supplied. Robust outdoor feeder with lid and feeding flaps to protect feed from both the weather and birds. Available for both sows and finishers it can be supplied with an angle iron base for attaching to sleepers to keep the feeder off the ground – particularly useful in muddy conditions!

  • Transition Feeder

    Transition Feeder

    Transition Feeder for maximum intake of feed in the post weaning period.

  • Wet/Dry Feeders

    Wet/Dry Feeders

    Three feeders in the wet/dry feeders range cater for weaners and growers up to 45kg and finishers from 30kg through to 110kg. They provide dry feed, but incorporate a nose type drinker which allows the pigs to wet their feed in the trough. There is a separate drinker and drinking compartment to give pigs access to fresh water whilst they are feeding. These sturdy feeders are manufactured with a stainless steel frame and a ten setting feed flow...

  • Animal Drinking System

  • Quality Equipment QE - Brackets

    Quality Equipment QE - Brackets

    45° - Suitable for all types of drinkers for weaners, growers and finishers, ½’’ BSP. 15° - Suitable for drinkers for sows and boars ½’’ BSP. 30° - ½’’ inlet with ¾’’ outlet for drinkers with a ¾” thread. Y-adaptor - Useful where more drinkers are required without the need for extra piping. Saddle clip - Vital for keeping drinkers pig proof! To fit...

  • Bowls


    Stainless steel piglet drinker bowl - For mounting on the pen divisions in farrowing houses for piglets up to 15kg. Bowl drinker for pigs - Available in two sizes for weaners and finishers. Bowl drinker for sows and boars - Sturdy, easy-access drinker, which allows the sows and boars to dispense their own water. Fordham type - Classic, time proven water bowl with its own float valve, suitable for all classes of pig. Cube drinker - Particularly useful...

  • Drinkers


    Quality Equipment supplies a comprehensive range of drinkers, water bowls and drinking troughs suitable for a variety of systems, whether for indoor or outdoor herds. Drinkers need to be married to management system, building type and class of pig. Our range covers them all! Bite – Popular bite drinkers in stainless steel with models for piglets, weaners, growers and finishers. Toggle - Easy to operate, this drinker is especially suitable for...

  • Heated Water System

    Heated Water System

    Freezing up of the water supply system can be a serious problem for pig farmers and stock, particularly in houses containing a large number of pigs. Some naturally ventilated straw based houses for high welfare systems can be vulnerable especially during harsh winters such as have been experienced recently. Apart from the inconvenience, damage from frozen pipes can be hugely expensive. Even with heated systems one of the problems can be water freezing...

  • Farrowing Crates

  • Quality Equipment QE - Royal Farrowing Crate

    Quality Equipment QE - Royal Farrowing Crate

    Adjustable frontQE Royal, QE Royal, Heavy duty floor fixings, Optional bowl/nipple piglet drinker bracket, ‘D’ type back door, Standard crate size 7′ x 11″ (2412) long

  • QE Eurostyle Crate

    QE Eurostyle Crate

    Can be opened to allow the sow freedom of movement, Heavy galvanised construction, Piglet saver bars, Adjustable width, Reversable back door, Stainless steel standard trough or combined feed/water trough

  • Flooring

  • Plastic Slats

    Plastic Slats

    Plastic slats, for farrowing pens and weaners, are available in a variety of sizes with a clip-together profile. A cost-effective option, they provide a comfortable surface combined with slip resistance and are easy to clean.