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  • Speidel Applicator - Weed Wiper

    Speidel Applicator - Weed Wiper

    Our weed wiper, the Speidel Applicator®, is an economical and effective way to control Johnson grass, shatter cane, volunteer rye, thistles and many other weeds.  It can be used in hay fields, pastures, row crops or anywhere the weeds get above the crop.  The various sizes of wicks can be attached to a tractor, loader, cultivator, or hi-clearance machine*.

  • Quality ATV Mounting Brackets

    Quality ATV Mounting Brackets

    These are the newest products in our line, allowing a Speidel Applicator® (weed wiper) to be mounted on to your ATV. The bracket can be mounted easily on a vertical or horizontal surface, on the front or rear rack. The height adjustment can be made on-the-go with either the hand-crank (upper picture) or electric actuator models (lower picture).

  • Model 10 1/2 - Quality Weed Wiper Carts

    Model 10 1/2 - Quality Weed Wiper Carts

    Quality Metal Works Quality Weed Wiper Carts are one of the favored mechanisms for carrying a Speidel Applicator brand weed wiper, and can be pulled by an ATV, lawn or conventional farm tractor, or similar vehicles.

  • Quality Ridge Reducer

    Quality Ridge Reducer

    This attachment helps prevent erosion by leveling ridges and filling in deep valleys left behind by chisel discs, chisel plows, and other similar tools. In the spring, the smaller ridges permit more uniform drying, allow a smoother ride and can eliminate an extra trip through the field.