Quality Plus Manufacturing was established in 1995 to produce top quality equipment for grain and seed handling and treatment. Through the use of unique design principles, the best materials, and unparalleled customer service, we`ve become a leader in innovative agricultural equipment. For 18 years, we`ve been leaders in grain and seed handling and treatment, helping independent farmers, service firms and seed companies find the equipment to get the job done. If your job includes movement or treatment of grain or seed, we can handle it. We offer a wide variety of standard grain and seed handling equipment including incline conveyors, overhead conveyors, underbin conveyors, truck unloader conveyors and many more. We can also fabricate just about any custom grain or seed conveyor system you may require to work with a new or existing setup.

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The development of the 800 Series Conveyor started with the testing of conventional conveyor designs in 1994. A system was to be developed that was first used in the BULKSYS seed handling grain tender. After many hours of testing available designs, it was determined that none of the available designs were satisfactory for the high grain quality standards that were set for the project.

Through testing, it was determined traditional designs of carrying grain and seed were limited to a maximum incline of approximately 30˚. Many grains have a natural flow angle of 25˚ (angle of repose). Any attempt to move grain at inclines more than 25˚ results in grain by pass (rollback). This occurs regardless of belt design, flat belt with raised ribs used in round tube conveyors, flat belt with T-style cleat or belts with sectional T-style cleat placed in round tube conveyors. All of these designs will have grain by pass as the incline increases. Placing a cover can limit by pass, but can pin grain against the cover creating a pinch point which damages grain.

Other pinch points that damage grain are created as grain gets under the belt, damaging grain between the belt and support pan. At this point in the design process, the direction of the conveyor belt was reversed. It worked! With basic design changes the 800 Series Conveyor was developed creating the “45˚ Advantage”.

In 1995 Quality Plus Mfg., Inc. was formed to continue to build and improve on the 800 Series Conveyor design to position the company as a leader in quality grain and seed handling equipment. With a solid network of dealers throughout the Midwest United States, the 800 Series Conveyor is now just one of the many fine agricultural products from Quality Plus Manufacturing.

Compact Seed Treatment Systems

We offer the most innovative and affordable lines of on-farm seed treatment equipment on the market today. Our fully automated, on-demand seed treatment systems are compact, economical and easy to transport. All of our equipment is very easy to use, easy on the seed and even easier on your wallet.