Quality Plus Manufacturing, Inc.

Quality Plus Manufacturing, Inc.

Quality Plus Manufacturing was established in 1995 to produce top quality equipment for grain and seed handling and treatment. Through the use of unique design principles, the best materials, and unparalleled customer service, we`ve become a leader in innovative agricultural equipment. At My Yield, we’re farmers first. It’s our greatest strength. We’ve experienced the problems we’re solving. We recognized early on how little control farmers have over their seed treatment process. We’re forced to purchase treated seed months ahead. We don’t know whether the treatment is the best for our operation. And we hope we purchased the right amount to avoid getting stuck with treated seed we can’t plant or return.

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1007 Industrial Park Drive , Oelwein , Iowa 50662 USA
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We knew that continuing to outsource such a critical part of the farming operation was unsustainable. And we believed that forward thinking farmers were capable of treating their own seed if given the tools they need. So we got to work.

As engineers and innovators, we set out to empower farmers to treat their own seed on their own farms on their own time. To do this, we knew that we needed to provide farmers with a comprehensive, three-part solution—the seed treater, the seed treatment and the on-farm service.

We understood that farmers needed a fast, easy and accurate seed treater. So that’s exactly what we gave them. By developing our line of seed treaters, we ensured that farmers of all sizes can now treat their seed just minutes before heading to the field.

Farmers needed access to custom blends based on the latest seed protection technology. So that’s what we gave them. We hand select the highest performing ingredients to custom blend seed treatments that work seamlessly with our seed treaters.

Finally, we knew that we had to set ourselves apart on service. And we have. We provide on-farm set up for every single customer and we stand by our farmers ready to help whenever they need it.

This is who we are at My Yield. We take great pride in restoring power to the farmer. And we stand with you, farmer to farmer, start to finish.


  1. Profit. MY YIELD seed treaters and blends generate profit for you by lowering the cost of each treated seed unit and eliminating the risk of pre-purchasing treated seed. You can save enough money to more than pay for your system in the very first season and treat yourself to the profits each year thereafter.
  2. Control. With MY YIELD seed treaters and blends, you can finally take control of your treatment and planting process. Never be stuck with treated seed you can’t plant, return or sell. Never delay planting to wait for treated seed to be delivered or retrieved. MY YIELD seed treaters and blends enable you to treat exactly what you need when you need it, right on your farm.
  3. Independence. You no longer need to precisely predict how much treated seed to buy months in advance. You no longer need to defer to others on what treatments to use on your farm. MY YIELD seed treaters and blends allow you to achieve true autonomy in your treatment and planting process. By treating your own seed with a MY YIELD system tailored for your operation, you can finally achieve peace of mind and true independence.