Quality Service S.A.

Quality Service S.A.

QualisA’s first rose production farm was built on 1992 with 15,7 hectares. At 1998 the second production farm of QualisA was created with 12 hectares and finally the third farm on 2005 with 13 hectares. All three farms with over 40 hectares of cultivated greenhouse area are located at Ecuador, South America.

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Cayambe , Ecuador
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Policies and Management System

“Day by day our commitment is to produce quality flowers, clean, in a healthy work environment, safe, crime and drug free”.

To achieve this goal we have included in our company the following policies and certifications:


QualisA achieved a temporarily certification of FFP.  This organization priorize the environmental and socially sustainable production in order to guarantee a good labor conditions of the company.


On 2006 we achieved this certification that guides the company towards safe, sustainable, qualified and traceable practices. MPS certification leads to the correct use of crop protection agents, energy, fertilizers and waste.

Customers care about the production practices and origin of products they consume.  These practices must have a beneficial impact not only for the product itself but for the environment where they are produced and for the personnel involved on its production.

The certificates MPS-A and MPS Socially Qualified follow the same requirements as FFP regarding environmental and social aspects.


QualisA operates under the National Legislation System in relation to prevention of labor related risks.  We have an internal health and occupational safety regulation and a joint committee as the National Labor Code demands.


QualisA was certified with FLORECUADOR on 2007.  This certification from Expoflores (Ecuadorian Association of Flower Exporters) has a social and environmental character that guarantees the legal operation of a flower production farm.


On 2009 we choose to join the Unicef certification which together with Expoflores (Ecuadorian Association for Flower Exporters) conduct a donations fund towards the childhood of third world countries such as Ecuador itself.


QualisA achieved the Bussiness Alliance for Secure Commerce certification on 2006.  This global organization is committed to strengthening international trade by implementing international security standards and procedures.


This management procedure aims to build and maintain a relationship of harmony and welfare with all the persons directly and indirectly involved with the company’s objectives.  The social beneficiaries are:  workers, clients, suppliers, community, shareholders and municipal environment departments.  QualisA is actively involved with each one of these social participants and caring for a mutual welfare benefit for the future.


Our daily actions are guided to:

1. Provide a healthy and secure environment at work and assure optimal labor conditions to each one of our employees.
2. Produce our flowers with conscience on our natural resources and on the environmental impact of our practices.
3. Enhance welfare on the life quality of our employees, their families and communities.


QualisA assures a working environment free of discrimination due to race, color, sex, sexual tendencies, disabilities, religion and age.

QualisA does not use child labor on any of its production processes. 

QualisA gives a special treatment to pregnant employees in nutrition and pregnancy and lactation periods according to Ecuadorian Labor Code.