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  • Disc Implements

  • Perard - Trans-eXpress Grain Transfer

    Perard - Trans-eXpress Grain Transfer

    There are 3 versions of the Trans-eXpress, the 500R, 500T and 500B. All models use a horizontal ‘feeder’ auger at the bottom of the hopper, which in turn feeds the vertical unloading auger. The 500mmØ unloading auger folds hydraulically for transport and can reach a height of 4.90m . All models also feature extending stabilizers for work and 80hp is the minimum power requirement to run the Trans-eXpress....

  • APAXR - Model Driven X - Offset Disc Harrow

    APAXR - Model Driven X - Offset Disc Harrow

    One of the best disc harrows on the current market! Known as one of the best harrows, this machine has an outstanding reliability with a classical frame ensuring a perfect weight distribution on all discs of the machine. Fitted with rear wheels and combined with a rear roller, it provides the best results. The 'X' configuration enables an easier job while having an exceptional penetration. Approved by the DRIRE, it can be driven legally on the roads....

  • Cultivation Equipment - Tinemaster

    Cultivation Equipment - Tinemaster

    The QUIVOGNE TINEMASTER has been designed to maximise work whilst using the minimum cultivation idea. The TINEMASTER incorporates QUIVOGNE'S proven 'X' shape disc formation with tines, which are designed to penetrate and break up the field's pan. This pan breaking enables the percolation and through-flow to be more efficient and so will reduce the chances of waterlogging. The folding frame of the TINEMASTER is based on the QUIVOGNE APX-RS frame while...

  • Rollers

  • Model RLP - Front Mounted Packer Roller

    Model RLP - Front Mounted Packer Roller

    The RLP is Quivogne’s front mounted solution for soil preparation, even in difficult conditions. Why use front-end weights when you can use an RLP? The fact is if you want to save diesel and spare your rear mounted implements the RLP is the answer. Its design and the large selection of cast-iron elements provide the ideal adaptability necessary to suit your land, your implements, and to obtain the results that you’re looking for. By...

  • Tined Implements - Subsoilers

  • Model S80 - Subsoilers

    Model S80 - Subsoilers

    The S80 ensures an efficient drainage ! This subsoiler has been engineered with a straight tine of thickness 30mm, a share in high-strength steel and a draining ball Ø100mm. This design enables an efficient drainage and its robust frame gives a foolproof rigidity.

  • Tined Implements - Inter-Row Hoe

  • BINEUSE - Inter-Row Hoe

    BINEUSE - Inter-Row Hoe

    The Quivogne inter-row hoe. Well built, strong and reliable, this hoe enables you to work between the rows whilst avoiding the plants. By breaking the crust formed by irrigation or by rain, water penetration into the soil is improved, avoiding the phenomenon of capping. Water evaporation by capillarity is also limited. Hoeing also enables the cracks in the ground that appear when the soil is very dry, to be broken up. Thanks to hoeing, plant roots are...

  • Tined Implements - Chisel Plough

  • Model CH - Chisel Plough

    Model CH - Chisel Plough

    The obligatory CHISEL plough! Simplicity, strength and efficiency make this implement obligatory. With tine spacing of 25cm, 28 cm or 32cm, and working widths from 1,60m to 5,90m and either spring mounted or twin leaf spring tines (55x25), it is difficult not to find the answer to your requirements.