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  • Checchi & Magli - Transplanters

  • Checchi & Magli - Model F300L - Potatoe Seeder

    Checchi & Magli - Model F300L - Potatoe Seeder

    This semi-automatic planter is driven by its own driving wheels, and has been designed for seeding potatoes and other tubers or bulbs, whole or cut High planting output per hour, working method saving costs,and exceptional working precision make of this machine an excellent implement for mechanizing potato planting, in fact it adjusts the seeding depth, the seeding frequency and the distance between rows.The F300L must be applied to three point...

  • Other

  • Scova - Diesel Pumps

    Scova - Diesel Pumps

    Built on a fixed base and equipped with a wheel trolley either with hydraulic adjustable axles or with fixed axles. Steel frames welded by robots to guarantee high quality standards. Tank built in the frame capacity up to 1000 liters.

  • Stanhay - Precision Seeders

    Stanhay - Precision Seeders

    The new STAR from Stanhay is the most accurate, versatile and reliable precision vacuum seed drill in the world. Using the proven, award winning, Metering Unit from the Singular the STAR is unique in its ability to sow natural and pelleted seeds in 1,2, 3 and now 4 lines from each unit, the STAR saves you time and money. The very best quality produce is achievable due to the STAR's ability to accurately plant all vegetable and salad crop seeds.

Products by Muratori spa

  • Machines for Hobby Farming

  • Muratori - Model EZ-EZX - Rotary Tiller

    Muratori - Model EZ-EZX - Rotary Tiller

    Rotary tiller for hobby frming. Versatile and suitable for use in all soil conditions. Compatible with every compact tractor up to 22 HP and available in standard version (model EZ) and in reverse rotation version (model EZX). The reverse rotation produces smoother soil conditions (less vibration), a better soil leveling and effectively buriers grass and weeds.

  • Muratori - Model ET  - Flail Mower

    Muratori - Model ET - Flail Mower

    Hobby farm flail mower. Can be used on any compact tractor up to 20 HP. Versatile mower supplied with 'Y' shaped knives allowing a very clean cut on every kind of grass.

  • Rotary Hoes

  • Model MZ61S - Offset Rotary Hoe

    Model MZ61S - Offset Rotary Hoe

    Offset medium duty rotary hoe for vineyard, orchards, etc.. Stout and versatile machine, suitable for any working conditions.

  • Stoneburiers

  • Muratori - Model MZ4SXL - Stoneburier

    Muratori - Model MZ4SXL - Stoneburier

    3-Point linkage cat. 1 - Side chain transmission - Depth adjustment through leveling roller in expanded metal - 4 square blades each flange -  Side offset - Drive line with slip clutch - Built according to the CE rules

  • Model MZ61SXL - Stoneburier

    Model MZ61SXL - Stoneburier

    The reverse tine concept requires less power absorption and saves time by allowing in one pass only, to bury stone, grass, trash etc. under a layer of clean soil.

  • Seed Drill for Grass

  • Muratori - Model Jolly Series - Seed Drill

    Muratori - Model Jolly Series - Seed Drill

    The Jolly seed drill is always supplied in combination with a tilling machine (usually a stoneburier MZ4SXL/MZ6SXL or a harrow ME1); it is therefore an integral part of this specific implement.The Jolly seed drill is designed to sow grass (especially lawn grass).

  • Rotary Harrows

  • Finishing Mowers

  • Muratori - Model MR  - Finishing Mowers

    Muratori - Model MR - Finishing Mowers

    3-Point linkage cat. 1 with floating brackets - 2 belt transmission with tensioner - 4 pivoting rubber wheels - Adjustable working depth through spacers - Standard drive line

  • Hedge/Bush Cutters

  • Model MTH2 - Hedge Cutter

    Model MTH2 - Hedge Cutter

    Hedge cutter cm.165 suitable for cutting brunches (max cm 1 Ø) - Distributor to be applied on tractors with only two hydraulic couplings - Drive cable cm. 150 long - it can be left or right mounted - Built according the CE rules.

  • Model MTB2 - Brush Cutter

    Model MTB2 - Brush Cutter

    3-point linkage Cat. 1 -  Shredding hedge of cm 80 working width with universal knives - Safety spring on the second bar - It can be left or right mounted - Built according to CE rules.