Rainy Day Fabricating came to be, over the course of the 2010-2012 rainy farming seasons. During those 3 years there seemed to be more shop time with all the rain the good lord had blessed our farm with those years. The old farm saying `There has to be a better way` promoted the development of The Hopper and The Lump Buster. All of us at Rainy Day Fabricating are farmers first. That meant we drew, built, and tested our products on the farm under a variety of farm conditions. We hope that you enjoy using The Hopper and The Lump Buster, and that it makes your life easier, and more efficient like it has ours.

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Box 1634 , Assiniboia , Canada

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Westcap AG is pleased to announce the acquisition of Saskatchewan based Rainy Day Manufacturing. As of January 1st, we will be handling both the Hopper and Lumpbuster products. With locations in Alberta, Manitoba and the USA, WAC is well positioned to grow these brands and expand the market penetration into all of North America and beyond.