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  • Chisel Plow

  • Model BLD Series - Chisel Plow Sweep

    Model BLD Series - Chisel Plow Sweep

    The BLD series is designed as a medium crown low disturbance chisel plow sweep to fit on Horsch machinery. These sweeps are used for field preparation as well as seeding, and are produced from high-grade steel, heat treated for extra toughness. They are 5/16” (8mm) thick and are available in 12” (30.5cm); 14” (35.5cm) and 16” (40.5cm) sizes.

  • Slim Wedge Sweeps

    Slim Wedge Sweeps

    Available in 12”, 14” and 16” sizes Designed for use on chisel plows. When used with the SlimLok Retainer,it virtually eliminates the chance of the sweep falling off. Thickness in 1/4” and 5/16”. Note: 5/16\' Not available in 16\' width.

  • Field Cultivator

  • Low Crown

    Low Crown

    Available in 4 sizes 7” - 9” - 10” - 12”. Stem angle is 47 deg and is made from 1/4” high carbon steel. Used on many of today’s Air Seeders.

  • Penetrator


    47 degree bolt on sweeps designed for use in hard soil zones. 1/4' high carbon steel, heat treated for long life. Designed to provide all the benefits of a medium crown sweep; great moisture conservation, good residue cover and effective use in all soil conditions. Parallel wings ensure the sweep maintains its full width during its lifetime.

  • Furrowers & Busters

  • Furrow Shovel

    Furrow Shovel

    Reversible for longer life. Available in both 1/4' and 5/16'. Heat Treated for greater durability.

  • Furrower


    Designed to be a multipurpose ridge builder for any application. Heat treated.

  • Points & Spikes

  • Reversible Points

    Reversible Points

    One of the widest varieties of reversible points for every application. We have straight, twisted, 1 piece and 2 piece styles for both cultivators and chisel plows. Most are heat treated.

  • Soil Twister Blades and Spikes

    Soil Twister Blades and Spikes

    Wide variety of products designed to fit most popular disk chisels. Use twisted shovels to minimize ground cover or use the straight shovel to maximize ground cover.

  • Harvesting Aids

  • Row Crop

  • Flanged Stem Cultivator Sweep

    Flanged Stem Cultivator Sweep

    Designed to provide a better fit and feature a low crown and wide wing for extra strength and wear. The pattern is also referred to as a mixed land sweep and is available in a half wing sweep at additional cost.

  • Disc & Coulter Blades

  • Disc & Coulter Blades

    Disc & Coulter Blades

    Available in several sizes from 12' to 24'O.D.'s and Thickness from 3mm to 6mm. Available either Notched or Plain. With over 40,000 combinations of shapes and sizes we are sure to have one to suit your needs. Click on the application chart to show a few of the axle sizes available.