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  • Cattle Handling Equipment

  • Sliding Back Cattle Gate

    Sliding Back Cattle Gate

    Very much safer than swinging gates. Left or right hand opening. Effective even if not fully closed. Suitable for portable or permanent systems. Essential in every handling system. Now variable width model also available.

  • Bull Pens

    Bull Pens

    These photographs illustrate pens designed to the standard advised for safe handling of bulls Individual self locking yokes are optional Refuge escapes are incorporated in each pen We are happy to build pens using horizontal railed gates if so desired The dividing gates can close the animal in the front or rear half of the pen

  • Joining Hoops

    Joining Hoops

    Available in 700mm and 1500mm internal widths. Variable width brackets fitted on a joining hoop as illustrated

  • Sheep Handling Equipment

  • Mobile Sheep Handler

    Mobile Sheep Handler

    Wheels easily removed for ground level working, Jack is provided, Use for routine work and shearing. Machine masts available, 915cc dosing race optional, Narrow race has variable width, Can carry sheep around the farm, Easily towed with a farm bike or carry bike on trailer, Room to carry weigh crate, footbath, turn over crate, plus extra penning hurdles, Race can fit either side of trailer, Drafting in the race or out the end of the race allows up to...

  • Sheep Gripper

    Sheep Gripper

    Very fast operation, Grips sheep without effort, no bruising, Fits into existing sheep races, Useful for dagging,tagging, recording, weighing, Excellent working access to stock, Ramp and Cradle can be provided to raise working height, Light and maneuverable, All galvanised, Rancher can supply Tru Test load bars, indicators and readers.

  • Permanent Sheep Handling Pens

    Permanent Sheep Handling Pens

    Easy working systems for all flock sizes available. Hurdles 1065mm high, horizontal rails stop sheep escaping. A complete range of gates for all types and breeds. Hurdles railed and sheeted along with support posts to erect complete sheep handling / dipping set up.

  • Feeding & Housing Equipment

  • Sheep Housing

    Sheep Housing

    Suitable for bedded yards or slats. Designs suitable for hill or lowland sheep. Simple to remove for clearing out. Vertical or hirizontal rail feed barriers.

  • Double Calf Creep Feeder

    Double Calf Creep Feeder

    We have revised the design of our successful Double Calf Creep Feeder, offering an increased capacity of around 1 ton. The creep itself is 2.5m wide, 2m deep and just under 1.4 m in height. Creep gates slide in and out to allow for easy transportation and can be completely removed to create a general purpose feed hopper. Entire creep is hot dip galvanised to offer protection for decades to come.

  • Walk Through Feeder

    Walk Through Feeder

    Available up to 2440mm lengths. Very easy to assemble. Feeders flat pack for storage. End gates available when required.