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  • Conveyors

  • RAPID - Model DID-A - Drop In Drive-A (DID) System

    RAPID - Model DID-A - Drop In Drive-A (DID) System

    Our Drop In Drive (DID) system that adds power to any slave section of conveyor.  This unique option makes our PMC extremely versatile! Add the DID in line with a 100’ run stretching to 150’ or more, or set up a short conveyor using a couple of slave conveyors on a bench or stands. It doesn’t get much more portable than that!

  • Dibblers

  • RAPID - Automatic Dibbler Machine

    RAPID - Automatic Dibbler Machine

    The RAPID Auto Dibbler is a stand alone automatic dibbler machine. It is built on a conveyor to facilitate in-line or stand-alone operation. One dibble board of your choice is included others are optional. The unit can dibble up to 800 flats per hour.

  • Rapid - Dibble Boards

    Rapid - Dibble Boards

    We offer a wide range of standard dibble boards. If we don’t have what you want, we can custom make a dibble board for your specific needs. Choose from cones or pins, manual or automatic configuration. All dibble boards use stainless steel pins or high performance plastic cones, and include a spring loaded stripper plate.

  • Rapid - Sticking Line

    Rapid - Sticking Line

    The RAPID Sticking Line will make your sticking production line more efficient; saving you labor. Priced very competitively, this low profile line is constructed of tube steel (using a powder coat finish), and stainless steel for long term dependability. The unit is modular, starting out  with a base 6 person section. If your needs change over time and you need to add work stations to the line, additional 8 person modules bolt together. Each...

  • Rapid - Transplanters

    Rapid - Transplanters

    Rapid Transplanters have been in use for over 20 years now and have proven to be reliable, simple and productive. Our Series 2 gripper design has proven to be the single biggest advancement since we started.  These transplanters do a great job on a wide range of varieties;  even on things like begonias, snap dragons, marigolds, pansies, vegetables, petunias, dusty millers, etc.  Our customers have commented on how well their Series 2...

  • Rapid - Tagger

    Rapid - Tagger

    Taggers save you money by automating the tedious labor intensive task of tagging flats and pots. The standard tagger with optional 3rd head can do up to 750 (18-01) flats in one hour– how many people does it take to do that?. The standard tagger comes with 2 tagging heads (enough for any 2-pack wide flats) and can tag up to 750 flats per hour. The standard chutes are set up to use John Henry “Pixie” or Master Tag...