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  • Brillion - Model 2-Bar - Chisel Plow

    Brillion - Model 2-Bar - Chisel Plow

    The 2-Bar Mounted Chisel Plow has been a staple item in the line of primary tillage tools for over 45 years.  It was designed as a complement to the 3-Bar Mounted Chisel Plow.  With its 5 and 7 shank sizes, the 2-Bar Mounted Chisel Plow fits into smaller operations and niche markets around the country.  The 2-Bar frame allows for handy maneuvering and easy pulling in the field.  The ability of these machines to reach just slightly...

  • Brillion - Flail Shredders

    Brillion - Flail Shredders

    The heavy-duty 1/4' thick flail shroud and integral frame provide the backbone of the Flail Shredder.  Couple that with a high capacity, triple belt drive line and a rugged transport axle with wheel tread adjustable tire assemblies, the result is a machine that will provide many years of reliable service.  Other features like the replaceable shroud wear plates, flexible rubber debris shields, high capacity gear box, and an integral over...