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  • Drills

  • RBM - Model 1590 - Box Drill

    RBM - Model 1590 - Box Drill

    There are many ways to seed your fields and the John Deere 1590 Box Drill is perfect to handle all of them – from conventional-till to no-till, from grains to legumes, from plain grain to grass seed or even combination grain/fertiliser seed boxes.

  • Frontloader

  • RBM - Model 3 Series - Frontloader

    RBM - Model 3 Series - Frontloader

    You won’t fi nd a more perfect loader/tractor combination anywhere. We’re the only brand that designs and manufactures front loaders that perfectly match the specifications of your John Deere tractor. Our front loaders are built to the highest standards to provide years of hard working performance through countless duty cycles. The rugged construction and durable finish keep working hard with little service and maintenance needed....

  • Balers

  • RBM - Variable Chamber Baler

    RBM - Variable Chamber Baler

    The faster you bale, the more time and money you save. It’s that simple. The 8X2 range with their solid, welded frame construction are anything but ‘entry level’ models. They will bale reliably all day long. Move up to the 8X4 range and you’ll enjoy greater automation and versatility. for the top of the range 900 Series John Deere completely reinvented the whole baling concept. Its full frame design, lightweight gate and...

  • Combines

  • RBM - Model S550 - Combine Header Trailers

    RBM - Model S550 - Combine Header Trailers

    Beneath the sleek styling of the new S550, every component and every system is engineered for maximum uptime and productivity. With the superb Premium Cab, powerful i-Solutions the new S550 will enable you to harvest more efficiently and comfortably than ever before. with ease.