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  • Squeeze Chute

    Squeeze Chute

    Every cattleman needs a squeeze chute in their stationary set up. Our standard deluxe model includes everything you need to make working cattle a breeze. Includes an automatic reset head gate, blinders, butt-bar, palpation cage and slick door.

  • Real Tuff Hoof Trimming Chute

    Real Tuff Hoof Trimming Chute

    Hoof Trimming Chute (HTC) This unit accommodates : Hoof trimming. Hoof wrapping. PG testing. DA. AI. Dimensions: 7’ H x 8’6” L x 3’4” W. Approx. Weight: 1200 lbs.

  • Real Tuff Head Gate with Neck Extender

    Real Tuff Head Gate with Neck Extender

    Our neck extender option is an excellent choice for cattlemen who desire stability for implants, ear tagging, and neck shots. Extra bars are added onto the front of our automatic reset head gate as seen in the picture below.

  • 2 Way Splitting Alley

    2 Way Splitting Alley

    The 2 way splitting alley from Real Tuff Livestock Equipment is an excellent addition to any livestock operation. It features one-piece construction that allows you to place it anywhere in a stationary handling system. This alley is available as either a right or left hand exit with the door swinging to sort either way. Splitting door can lock in whichever position you need at the time.

  • Real Tuff Palpation Cage

    Real Tuff Palpation Cage

    Our palpation cage provides the cattleman with safe and convenient access to the rear of the cow for pregnancy checking or artificial insemination. This important piece comes standard on every squeeze chute and portable handling system we offer. However, customers can also purchase this piece separately as an addition to their current livestock system.