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  • Model Pro SC1 - Squeeze Chute

    Model Pro SC1 - Squeeze Chute

    Bi-Fold ‘Slick’ door and palp cage. Parallel axis sides. Adjust from 32″ to 16″. Smooth open/close drop blinder bars. Ribbed checkerplate floor. Removable Brisket Bar to prevent cows from going down (Optional). Total Length : 12′.Weight: Over 1 Ton.

  • Hoof Trimming Chute

    Hoof Trimming Chute

    Pro HTC (Hoof Trimming Chute)This unit accommodates : Hoof trimming, Hoof wrapping, PG testing, DA, AIApprox. Weight: 1100 lbs. Dimensions: Height: 7’, Length:8’6”, Width: 3’4”. Because of the importance of treating lame cows, we have designed a mechanical hoof trimming chute to have all the features of a hydraulic chute.

  • Model Pro HG1 - Head Gate Neck Extender

    Model Pro HG1 - Head Gate Neck Extender

    Provides great access to the injection area. Holds head more secure for implants, eartage, shots, etc. All chutes are available with or without the Neck Extender.

  • Model Pro HG - Head Gate

    Model Pro HG - Head Gate

    Quickly and easily adjusted. Automatic / self-catch (when the cow goes through, the Head Gate resets itself). Adjustable from 4″ to 10.5″. Automatic reset.

  • 3-Way Splitting Alley

    3-Way Splitting Alley

    3-way exit. Adjustable width. Spring loaded divider panel. 1-piece construction. Can be placed anywhere in a stationary system. Easily adjusts from 30″ to 20″ when used as alley. Available in left or right hand exits. Spring loaded return gate for quick and easy sorting from a distance. Rope and pulley system.

  • Slick-Bi-Fold Alley Gate

    Slick-Bi-Fold Alley Gate

    Available as a stand alone unit or as part of the alley. Can be operated from either side. Fastest opening and closing alley gate available. Both sides open from the center out. Nothing protrudes outside the alley way. Nothing interferes with the operator. Very easy to use.

  • Palpation Cage

    Palpation Cage

    The palpation cage is standard on all our chutes. Can be entered from both sides. Can be used for sorting animals  or block the passage while working on the animal in the chute. Self locking. Can be purchased alone to pin easily to an alley or a tub. Doors open either inward or outward.

  • Maternity Pen

    Maternity Pen

    Front gate with Ratchet stop. Split front gate. 4′ Ribbed checker plate floor. 6′ rear access door. Heavy duty Auto Headgate. Dimensions: W-11’ H-79” L-8‘6“. Heavy duty Tubing frame and gates6’10” sides.