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  • Tension Leg Cage

    Tension Leg Cage

    The Tension Leg Cage (TLC) concept is based on the dispersion of Wave energy in the sea. With increasing depth the waves are sequentially filtered; the sea is virtually calm at a depth corresponding to half the wavelength. The TLC cage is flexible and small in the upper section where the waves hit hardest, while its supporting structure is positioned at depth. In storm conditions the cage does not oppose the marine forces, but moves in synergy with...

  • Signal Buoys

    Signal Buoys

    Single module signal buoys to I.A.L.A. standard. Buoyancy module of polyethylene skin and a sinkproof filling of lightweight expanded polystyrene foam. Steel structure sand blasted and hot-dip galvanized. Equipped to client’s specifications with a wide choice of marine lights including low-energy LED and xenon bulbs, back-up battery and solar pannels.

  • Mooring Systems

    Mooring Systems

    The mooring system is a vital part of a fish farm facility. Cages with well-designed mooring systems permit farming farther from the shore, with better consditions for the reared fish. The performance of a cage unit is a function of the optimal balance between all system components, which are fine tuned in respect of individual site characteristics and overall facility content. An optimum distribution of anchorage forces within the cage system enables...

  • Thermo - Insulated Fish-Bins

    Thermo - Insulated Fish-Bins

    Double PE walls. Polyurethane foam injected at 40 kg/m3. 4 Transport points for Fork-lift & Transpallet. Customised colour & logo. Fully stackable. Insulated Lid. Drain Taps. Anti-UV treatment.