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My Dad (Ed Reimer) started out with a Euclid Buggy and a 118 4 wheel drive Versatile Tractor with a blade which he used for a push tractor to fill the buggy draining sloughs and washouts. This got us going in the dirt moving business.Then later on Dad bought a D7-17a Cat which brought us different types of work, brushing, demolition etc. After some years I (Randy Reimer) and a friend started Double R Construction. We leased a D7G from Alberta Tractor in Edmonton. We had dug-outs, dams etc. to build. We purchased a D6C with a 10-12 yard cable scraper which came with some work. We expanded our business with adding more equipment D7G and Champion Grader and D8H, UH07 Hitachi Excavator. During this time we started to work for Bumper Development, Enron, Encana, Husky, Pan Canadian etc. building leases, cleanups etc. We also bought two D7Gs From Bruce Nelson Cats at Veteran, which also came with some oil-field work in the Veteran area. Working in the oil-patch was demanding and brought challenges with it. We built and reclaimed leases all over central alberta. With time we added more equipment 740 Grader D8K and D7H, 220 Komatsu, 17 yard hydraulic cat scraper, 16 wheel lowbed and we also purchased a new Jerrys tri axle lowboy. We expanded our types of work to Environmental Clean-ups, old service station sites and abandoned well-sites! Around this time my oldest son (Carlos Reimer) started to become a key player in the family business! In the later years we started doing commercial water and sewer installations, new subdivisions etc. We worked for one developer whose jobs took us to Fort Nelson, B.C. CastleRock Estates Invermere, B.C., and Calgary,AB. Through all these various types of work we have gained a lot of experience moving dirt, rock etc. by various methods and machines. In our slow times we built some heavy equipment trailers land-levelers etc. Gaining us some welding, machining and designing experience. In a lot of our construction jobs; leases, roadbuilding, dugouts and reclamation brings with it the challenge of shaping, trimming and leveling these various work-sites. Competition is always an issue so we were often thinking of ways to become more efficient in this industry. Being efficient and doing quality work and quantity of dirt moved in a day are key factors to success.

For many years we have been building small 10 and 12 foot wide land levelers and some special order machines built to the specs that better suit the customer! These small and very versatile machines are very handy for leveling gravel on pads, roads etc. These are very good for small jobs and very suitable for acreage owners and farms and feedlots etc. There still is a large demand for these machines and we continue to use one on most of our jobs.

Then we started thinking we need to design a big machine that could move more dirt and would be more suitable for industrial work, and would be much less expensive than a grader. So one winter we started designing 12 foot 6 way pull type dozer! Through hundreds of hours of designing, testing and rebuilding we finally had our first pulldozer! We used it on various construction jobs and found it to be a very useful asset to the company! We also rented this first unit out to various farmers who used it for many different things such as leveling yard sites, reclaiming fence lines and many other things around the farm! They all seemed to be very happy with the performance!

Then the next year we decided to manufacture a larger version to suit the needs of dirt moving companies and farms that already have the large 4 wheel drive tractors to pull their dirt pans! We realized that most construction companies have 4 wheel drive tractors that are able to be easily switched between dirt pans, compaction units and possibly some form of finish grading unit, and making these tractors into a multi purpose unit with little to no effort! We decided to improve and redesign the first model of pull type grader and through many more man hours and testing we came out with our new pull-dozer,'Supreme Pull-dozer 1610' a 16 foot 6 way pull type dozer! That spring we started using one of the pull-dozers on many of our jobs such as road-building, leveling pads and leveling out pipelines etc. We even use it to strip topsoil for a feedlot. Thats when we started to realize how operator friendly and handy this machine is in many ways! These machines are heavy built and made to move a phenomenal amount of dirt in a day! This machine requires a tractor with 350-550 hp, and has a quick attach system compatible to most dirt pan hookups.

Recently we started building a new line of dozer,'Mini Pull-dozer' a smaller 6-way pull-dozer which is available in various sizes that is very handy and can be pulled with any size of farm tractor! This is also a well designed machine to trim up laneways, roads, ditches etc. Our aim is to build a machine that will work the best for any job you need to do! One of our main goals is to improve our designs according to our customers demands and maintain the highest quality of customer service!