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  • Hydro Seeders

  • Model L20 - Hydro Seeder Units

    Model L20 - Hydro Seeder Units

    The L20 Landscaper Series HydroSeeding Equipment gives you the same benefits as the L10 but offers an additional 100 gallon capacity, totaling 200 total gallons. This unit is ideal for small lawns but provides you with professional performance that you can rely on. It operates at 35 psi while maintaining full agitation capabilities.

  • Model L55 - Hydro Seeder Units

    Model L55 - Hydro Seeder Units

    The L55 HydroSeeding Equipment by Epic Manufacturing is designed to have a 550 gallon capacity for the landscaper who needs a compact but large HydroSeeder. The L55 can be mounted on a larger flatbed truck or a dual axle trailer. The unit features exclusive performance capabilities like fast mixing, trouble free operation and easy cleaning.

  • Model L90 - Hydro Seeder Units

    Model L90 - Hydro Seeder Units

    Epic Manufacturing is proud to present a workhorse for the hydroseeding market. The 900 gallon L90 is designed for large residential and commercial sites and can efficiently apply seed, fertilizer, and mulch in one quick application. This unit comes standard with Epic's HPV pump that powers the most pressure and volume possible in a unit of this size. The L90 allows you to custom fit the unit to your needs and preferences...