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  • Grain Drying & Storage

  • Rekord - Floor Store Grain Stirrers

    Rekord - Floor Store Grain Stirrers

    Rekord manufacture the Stir-Dry in conjunction with the David Manufacturing Company USA combining 30 years of experience of DMC Grain Stirring with Rekord on-floor and round silo drying technologies.

  • Rekord - Westeel Round Silos

    Rekord - Westeel Round Silos

    Our range of round silos are exceptionally well made to a modern design.  The Wide-Corr silos are unique in their purpose designed corrugation profile which gives high strength, good looks, easier cleaning with less dust retention, and most importantly less wall friction when emptying or using an in-bin continuous drying system  such as our Shivvers System.

  • Akron Square Silos

    Akron Square Silos

    AKRON have with Storage Bin type ‘M’ introduced a completely new concept as far as construction and erection is concerned. We are bold enough to claim that no other square bin system is as flexible, regarding size and adaptability.

  • Rekord - Elevators and Conveyors

    Rekord - Elevators and Conveyors

    We can supply elevators and conveyors of appropriate type and capacity to suit any new grain installation or upgrade of existing facilities. The range includes conventional bucket or Grain Loop elevators, chain and flight conveyors, troughed auger and  belt...

  • Seko - Model BM 27 - Turf Groomer

    Seko - Model BM 27 - Turf Groomer

    Seko's revolutionary Turf Groomer is ideal for fine grass maintenance on golf courses, sports fields, large domestic grounds and large public green areas. It has a working width of 156 cm and requires a tractor of 35 to 50 HP with 540 RPM PTO. It holds 1.2 cu metre grass or debris and the hopper can optionally lift hydraulically to 1.9 metres for discharge. It weighs 610 Kg and it's overall dimensions are:- Width 180 cm, Height 157 cm and Depth 165...

  • Rotary Autopress

    Rotary Autopress

    Solve your waste problems, compact to reduce the volume by up to 80%. The unique rotary 'Autopress' to the right is excellent for most materials and especially suitable for foam and textiles.