Renewable Carbon Management LLC

Renewable Carbon Management LLC

Renewable Carbon Management, LLC (RCM) sells and licenses the NaturTech Composting System for converting organic materials into value added commodities. We also provide strategic partnerships and operating expertise for the lowest cost and highest environmental performance available.

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44 28th Avenue , North Saint Cloud , MN 56303 USA
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Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the most affordable and highest quality compost and biofertilizer products by optimizing the best available and culturally appropriate bioconversion equipment to service public and private customers worldwide. We will carry out our mission of respectfully managing renewable carbon resources with honor and integrity for our employees, customers, the earth, and provide profitability for our shareholders. We will work in a manner governed by principals of environmental justice with the goal of providing local self-reliance independent of non-renewable fossil resources in order to provide tools of sustainability for communities through conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide into renewable feeds, fertilizers, fuels and fiber.

Renewable Carbon Patents

Awarded US and International

  • #6,281,001 In-vessel Composting and Bioremediation, August 2001
  • #6,524,848 Improvements in Composting System, September 2003
  • #6,627,434 Biofertilizer Air recirculation Methodology, February 2003


  • Stand Alone Containerized Biofiltration – Air and Water
  • Dual Function Intermodal Bio-container – Filed April, 2007
  • Stationary Composting Bunker Filed April, 2007

Our Management Team

Jim McNelly, Inventor and Founder

Jim has been a leading innovator and pioneer in the field of composting for over 35 years.  He founded the U.S. Composting Council in 1989, has served as a trustee and member of the USCC Board of Directors, participated on the USDA Sustainable Agriculture Quality of Life Task Force and Alliance for Environmental Stewardship.  He participated in the US Asian Environmental Partnership, and has provided his expertise and passion to many other local and regional environmental organizations and agencies.

Jim is the author of such publications as, States of Missouri and Michigan “Municipal and Residential Composting Guides”, Gale Research’s “Recycling Sourcebook”, and “Research Needs in the Vermistablization Field” for the National Science Foundation, “Finding a Home for Yard Waste” and the “Joy of Composting”.

Through Jim’s innovations, he designed the first U.S. composting operation collecting grass clippings and the first to use source separated organics for co-composting wastewater treatment biosolids, and developed the first commercial use of vermistabilization an organic solid waste management system.

Russ Johanson, Vice President of Engineering

With over 40 years of industrial, material handling, composting, and waste to energy facilities, Russ brings to RCM a wealth of expertise required for overseeing the design, installation and on-site coordination of NaturTech Sytems.

Russ has an extensive background working as chief engineer, designer and consultant for numerous material handling and industrial projects throughout the U.S.  He was responsible for overseeing the design, installation and management of public and private recycling, materials recovery, water treatment, biofilter, and composting projects.  These projects included such companies as Waste Management, Inc., 3M, Miller and Pabst Brewing, Blandin Paper, and numerous city and county municipalities.