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  • Extra Heavy Duty Harrow

    Extra Heavy Duty Harrow

    Tubular ( 150mm x 100mm x 10mm }These disc harrow series are characterized by the robustness in the structure and design. Grease - taper roller bearings (Rhino sealed type) High load capacity bearings are fitted, which supports the gang shaft. Mud, dust and water are isolated by the use of quad lipped seals, assuring maximum life span. Lifting the wheels is achieved hydraulically. Scraper blades are individually adjustable. From 16 to 40 Disc.

  • Medium Duty Ripper

    Medium Duty Ripper

    General specification's : Tubular ( 150 mm x 100mm x 10mm). Type : Three point mounted. Shanks : Manufactured from 25mm Roq-Tuff which us hard wearing. Range : 3- 7 row.  Power Required: 10-12kw per shank. Protection: Shear bolt and shanks are fitted with wear plates. Row Spacing: Adjustable. Ripping point : Replacable, knock-on type.