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Rhino Buckets and Attachments understand exceptional projects require extraordinary attachments. We use superior materials, cutting edge technology, and a knowledge of the industry to produce unrivaled buckets and attachments. Our buckets are manufactured in Australia, so we understand our buckets are working in one of the harshest and roughest climates on earth.

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1300 720 360 7 West Main St , Cunderdin , Western Australia 6407 Australia

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Established in 1962 as a heavy engineering corporation, Rhino Buckets and Attachments is part of a family owned business based in Western Australia. Though overtime we expanded our product range, top quality and maximum durability are consistently at the forefront of our design. We source and manufacture the most robust and efficient attachments to suit any project, no matter how big or small.

Rhino Buckets and Attachments prioritize your productivity to minimize and eliminate downtime. We aim to quickly supply our customers with a high quality attachment, fully customized to their project needs. We use superior materials, cutting edge technology, and an applicable knowledge of the industry to produce unrivalled buckets and attachments.

A machine is only profitable when in operation, so we aim to create tough, robust, and durable buckets and attachments. Rhino Buckets and Attachments provides excellent customer service and quality support for our products. Our communication with customers is of paramount importance, from design through to processing, and dispatch through to delivery. As a family owned business, we personally handle every order with efficiency and gratitude. Rhino Buckets and Attachments service and support is as unique and customised as our product line.