Rhizosphere Research Products B.V.

Rhizosphere Research Products B.V.

Rhizosphere Research Products B.V. is a small Dutch company, specialized in products for sampling water in the rhizosphere, called Rhizons. RRP develops and produces many varieties of Rhizons, there is one for each purpose. With our knowledge and experience in soil science and analysis techniques, we are able to advise you on the most suitable Rhizons for your experiments. If there is not yet a Rhizon that meets your demands, we will do our best to produce custom made Rhizons.

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P.O. Box 577 , Wageningen , 6700 AN Netherlands
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Agriculture Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)


Rhizons for sampling pore water

Rhizon samplers extract small volumes of pore water from soil and sediments, in an easy, non-destructive way. They can be used for sampling water from unsaturated soils as well as from saturated zones.

For the measurement of all dissolved compounds in soil moisture or water, Rhizon samplers can be used. The pore size of the porous part is 0.12 - 0.18 µm, hence filtering the samples before analyzing is unnecessary.

Rhizon samplers are made of inert polymer with no ion exchange properties. Other advantages of Rhizons are their small diameter and low dead volume. Rhizons are easy to handle and once installed for an experiment, they can be used frequently.

For scientific research all over the world

For research in soil science, plant physiology, marine geochemistry and environmental issues, Rhizons are used frequently. For each purpose, for instance field research, green house experiments, core and rhizotron sampling in the laboratory, or subsea floor sediments, there is a specific Rhizon.


he first Rhizons were developed and introduced to the market as artificial roots in the early 90’s by Mr. Frits Meijboom, an agricultural scientist. Right from the beginning, they were appreciated for their sampling characteristics and user-friendly properties.

Since then, many new types of Rhizons have been developed to answer the specific demands of soil and agricultural researchers. Moreover, scientists in research areas eg. marine geochemistry and environmental issues got interested in Rhizons. They have found their way to universities and research institutes all over the world, and therefore they are mentioned in many scientific publications.


It is our ambition to improve the quality and the range of our products continuously. And of course, also in the future you can count on our professional advice and high service level.
We would appreciate your feedback – it will help us to develop our products.