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Products by Husqvarna AB

  • Chainsaws

  • Husqvarna - Model 445 e-series - Petrol Chainsaw

    Husqvarna - Model 445 e-series - Petrol Chainsaw

    The Husqvarna 445 e-series chainsaw is a second generation powerful semi-professional chainsaw for people who need a little more performance. Ideal as a pruning chainsaw, or for felling or chopping firewood. It's an easy start chainsaw that can be started with a slower pull on the starter cord than most other chainsaws because of its clever Smart Start technology. The 445 e-series has an auto return stop switch enabling the user to start the chainsaw...

Products by Etesia UK Ltd

  • Model ETm44 - Robotics Mower

    Model ETm44 - Robotics Mower

    The Etesia ETm44, for all lawns. The Etesia ETm44 is the model in our range of robot mowers that is dedicated for private use. Despite its smaller size and mowing capacity, the ETm44 offers the same reliability, quality of manufacture, safety and programming possibilities as the larger models in the range. The Etesia ETm44 is perfect for anyone who wants to stop having to mow small and medium-sized areas of grass.

Products by AL-KO KOBER AG

  • Lawncare Equipment

  • AL-KO - Model 100 Series - Robotic Lawnmower

    AL-KO - Model 100 Series - Robotic Lawnmower

    The new generation of lawn mowers is fully independent, automatic and quiet - the AL-KO Robotic Lawnmower. Regardless of the time, day or night - even if you are not at home. Our Lawn Mower Robolinho ® 100 combines comfortable, independent maintainance your lawn with unobtrusive, quiet operation. That's Lawn Care in perfection.

  • Garden & DIY Equipment

  • AL-KO - Model MH 5001 R Series - Cultivator

    AL-KO - Model MH 5001 R Series - Cultivator

    Manoeuvrable tillers for loosening the soil and preparing the ground for planting. Ideal for incorporation of shredded material, fertiliser, or compost into the ground.Powerful tilling even in hard or heavy clay soils.