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We provide added value to worldwide food production every day - a fact we`re proud of. We do so with our products, our services and our knowledge of the agricultural sector. Global changes have turned this sector into a challenging one!

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Lorentzstraat 36 , Harderwijk , Gelderland 3846 AX Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

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The world is changing: growing population
Within the next 10 years, the world's population will increase by another 1 billion. This means we'll need to provide more people with the most basic necessity of life: food. At the bottom of the ladder, we have the consumption of fruit and vegetables, then comes the consumption of chicken and meat. Together, we'll have to produce more food in order to feed the whole earth. Since the world's population doesn't grow at the same rate everywhere, concentrations of people are constantly shifting. In addition to having to produce more food, we'll have to do so in areas where large populations are found. Feeding these populations will also set higher demands on the shelf life of export products.

The world is changing: growing prosperity
In addition to a growing population, our global prosperity is on the rise. It means that on average we all have more money to spend. This increases the demand for organic and sustainable food and thus better quality food. In concrete terms, we not only want more appealing and more uniform products, but we also want safer and more reliable foods. We need to know that the food we eat won't make us sick. And we're willing to pay more for that guarantee.

The world is changing: growing shortages
As the world's population and prosperity grows, responsible stewardship of our natural resources becomes increasingly important. Fossil fuels are running out, as are vital fertilizers such as phosphorus. Clean, fresh water is also in limited supply. What's more, it's a resource we cannot replace in adequate quantities. These growing shortages mean that we must produce foods more efficiently if we're to conserve the Earth's resources.

The world changes: climate change
The world's growing population is also taking its toll on our environment. The planet is slowly heating up, the polar icecaps are melting and extreme weather conditions are becoming more and more common. Due to rapid climate change, we're seeing a strong emergence of new pests and diseases. This means we'll also have to protect our food production from external factors.

Only one conclusion possible: we need to use more technology

The demand for more and better quality food, more efficient production and better weather protection for crops leaves us with only one conclusion: our future world food supply depends on the use of more technology. Technology can increase productivity by a factor of 10, while efficiency can be improved by a factor of 5. Our products and expertise can help customers make the improvements they want on a daily basis.

“Support Greenhouse Growers to achieve better results through best fit growing technology together with our partners in the industry”.

Intensive livestock farming and crop storage
'Support our partners in the intensive livestock industry to develop and offer better ventilation, hoisting and housing solutions through best fit motion control technology”.

We provide added value by offering concrete, tailor-made solutions and services. We also provide a single point of contact for all customer enquiries and establish partnerships to deliver the solutions customers want. These partnerships demonstrate our commitment to meeting your needs. We won't rest until a solution is found. And when it comes to quality, we're prepared to do whatever is necessary to provide you with the very best.

Export market development essential for growth

To achieve growth, we can no longer focus on Holland alone, but must set our sights further afield. Cooperating with Dutch parties plays an essential part in growing our business internationally. We want to achieve this growth as follows:

  • By preparing a strategic country analysis once every 3-5 years. This analysis provides in-depth information on the primary countries where we want to establish offices or achieve growth by the setting up dealer channels or joint ventures. We currently have offices in The Netherlands, the USA, Canada, France and Spain. We plan to open an office in China in 2015.
  • By making detailed plans for the countries we want to focus on. To develop the markets in certain countries, we've worked together pro-actively with parties, such as Horti-X, GreenFarming, Serracultura, Mexicultura and GreenPort Holland International in recent years. We seek out the right partnerships for each country.
  • By visiting various international trade fairs. This is where we maintain contacts with existing customers and partners, and where we lay the groundwork for securing new business and partnerships. You can meet us at trade fairs at our own stand or the stands of our partners or dealers, or find us in the Holland Pavilion.

Not to adopt, but to adapt

Greenhouse structures, livestock houses, power supplies and technology levels differ from country to country. The level of knowledge also varies. This means there is no one solution for all. The existing high-grade technology in the Netherlands cannot simply be adopted in other countries. We must adapt rather than adopt! That's why we customize our products for use in other countries, in addition to developing completely new products for these markets. And we do so working closely with our local customers.

Why do customers choose Ridder? Choosing Ridder means choosing top-quality products and excellent service. Here are some of the main reasons to opt for Ridder:

Product functionality
We customize the functionality of our products and solutions to suit the needs of the market or specific customer requirements. This allows us to manufacture and supply our drive systems under a private label.

Customer responsiveness
We respond quickly and effectively to customer enquiries and reported issues, and keep you well-informed of our progress in handling them.

Personal relationship of trust
We aim to build a relationship of trust between you and Ridder in general, and your contact person in particular.

Fast and effective handling of complaints
We respond quickly and effectively to complaints and keep you well-informed of our progress in dealing with them.

Distribution philosophy
We don't supply directly to end users in order to protect the commercial interests of our target groups.

Online product information
We provide a wealth of information online to support you with the sale of our products.

We get the basics rights

Obviously, other factors such as quality, reliability, price and overall service play a key role in serving our customers effectively. These are factors we always get right!

Quality according to Ridder
Our drive systems are known for their reliability, robustness, ease of installation and flexibility - vital qualities in the markets we serve. When you purchase motors, shafts or gear racks, you expect them to work smoothly for years, because your customers will rely on them day in, day out. We provide a life-long guarantee on all our motor gearboxes. That's why they undergo extensive testing at maximum capacity before leaving our factory.

Reliability of delivery
At Ridder, we know what it’s like to work under time pressure. Much work is seasonal. You need to respond quickly to the needs of your customers, whether they are located at home or abroad – and you don’t expect any less from your suppliers. This would be impossible without a production schedule that is both flexible and reliable. We have an excellent reputation for planning and logistics. Our products are made to order. We assemble many of our components in advance, so that we can manufacture a product quickly, accurately and efficiently. This means that all orders are delivered on time, properly packaged and with the correct paperwork – exactly as agreed.

Price versus Quality
You can’t afford to compromise on quality, but you can’t price yourself out of the market either. You have to work hard to make a living and rightly demand value for money. Finding the right balance can be difficult, and we understand this like no-one else. Our policy on price versus quality is very clear: competitive pricing, without compromising one bit on quality or reliability. After all, even a single return visit to repair a defect could eat up all of your profit.

Service is all about people
You choose your supplier based on strict criteria – price, quality and reliability. But it is often also a question of feeling whether that supplier is right for you. It depends on the people you’re dealing with. Our people know the industry and the technology involved. Personal service is all part of the package. What approach are we taking? How are we going to tackle a particular problem?’ No enquiry is too trivial. We understand what you want, make your life easier and supply drive systems that are tailored to your needs!

Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy

We've summarized our commitment to providing top-quality products and excellent service in the concept of 'Ridder Excellence', a combination of Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy.

Operational Excellence
Companies that focus on this strategy aim to provide the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price ('cost leadership'). Ease of purchase also plays a significant role. This means delivering goods or services rapidly and flawlessly, as well as minimizing effort and processing time or installation time for the product (‘total cost of ownership’). The focus here is on streamlining and standardizing processes, pushing up productivity, minimizing errors, cutting back on unnecessary aspects of service and getting the most out of economies of scale.

Customer Intimacy
Companies that focus on this strategy put the customer first. Rather than looking at the market as a whole, they look at the needs of their individual clients. The focus is on developing long-term customer relationships instead of on one-off transactions. They invest in building up knowledge about their customers and systems to activate that knowledge and convert it into customized products and services. Customer Intimacy boils down to making your customers’ lives easier. But it is only worth building such a close relationship if those customers are actually in need of expertise and advice.

Many of our customers who visit us in Harderwijk and take a tour of our factory are often surprised and say: 'I had no idea that everything is manufactured here in the Netherlands.' The Ridder brand has been synonymous with quality for over 60 years. We owe this quality to the fact that we manufacture and assemble our products in our own factory - something we take great pride in! It allows us to control the quality of our products at every stage of production, right until dispatch. Since we've combined this quality with the global availability of our products, it´s no surprise that Ridder is widely regarded as one of the best drive system brands in the world.

Investing in growth
To maintain our high quality standards, we invest a large percentage of our turnover in our production facility. In 2014, our production facility was expanded by 27,000 ft2 to support our expected growth in the coming years. This additional floor space has allowed us to:
  • increase our manufacturing capacity, mainly through robotic and unmanned overnight production;
  • better outline and streamline existing processes for more efficient operations;
  • provide better and more extensive facilities for staff.
Lean Management

In addition to maintaining the quality of our processes and products, we are constantly working to improve the performance of our organization. We use the principles of Lean Management to make our operational processes as effective and efficient as possible. These measures are mainly aimed at eliminating wastage and removing steps in the production process that do not add value for customers. We do this based on projects regularly involving students and other external parties.

Ridder tour

If you have the opportunity to visit us, we'd be happy to give you a guided tour.