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  • Stalk Smasher - Roller

    Stalk Smasher - Roller

    The original Stalk Smasher by Ringsted Welding & Fabrication is the one solution you need to protect your expensive tractor tires from cornstalk damage.

  • Roller Attachment

    Roller Attachment

    Introducing the newest addition to our Stalk Smasher line. This can be used with our existing Stalk Smasher and is ideal for high trash applications such as soybean, wheat and chopped corn stalks.

  • Model RWF - Stalk Smasher

    Model RWF - Stalk Smasher

    The RWF STALK SMASHER is the latest innovation in saving your tractor tires or tracks from stalk damage. Farmers who have used the RWF STALK SMASHER say they will never again go without it. The RWF STALK SMASHER was designed using input and ideas from farmers.