Riuttolehto Oy

Riuttolehto Oy

Riuttolehto Oy is a Finnish family owned company established in 1991. Riuttolehto Oy is located in the centre part of Finland in Soini. The main field of Riuttolehto Oy’s activity is to design, manufacture, market and service TAPIO single grip harvesting heads. Riuttolehto Oy bought the majority of the shares of Logbear Ltd in January 2014. In connection with the business agreement the production of Logbear F4000 Forwarder, FH4000 Combi machine and Logbear FG016 Felling grapple moved to Riuttolehto Oy`s premises as well as the administration, sales, spare parts, etc.

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Teollisuustie 11 A , SOINI , Southern Ostrobothni FI-63800 Finland

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Globally (various continents)
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The first prototype of the present model of TAPIO harvesting head was built in 1980. The test runs, testings and work productivity examinations took place in Soini during the autumn 1980. 

The TAPIO harvesting head was mounted on an agricultural tractor Ford 5000 equipped with backwards turned half-tracks and with a Fiskars 5000 crane. 

The first TAPIO 400 harvesting head was delivered to the brothers Tuurinkoski in Lehmäjoki in Isokyrö in the summer 1981. The harvesting head was mounted on a Lokomo skidder. The brothers had made changes to Lokomo to make it suitable for a harvesting head. During the year 1981 several TAPIO 400 harvesting heads were sold in Finland to be used with different kinds of basic machines.  The first TAPIO 400 harvesting heads were exported and sold to Sweden in 1982.

 The export activity was thereby started. Then followed Germany, Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, France and so on. When the export activity was successfully started in Europe, it was time to head across the Atlantic. The first TAPIO 400 harvesting head was sold to Canada in 1988. Plenty of harvesting heads were delivered there during the next years. Later the sale was extended to the USA. 

The developing of the smaller TAPIO 250 harvesting head started in 1985 and the first machines were delivered to customers during 1986. TAPIO 250 reached a good reputation especially among the forest machine contractors in Sweden because the harvesting head was light and well suitable for thinning. With Tapio 250 it was possible to handle trees that were over 40 cm in diameter, and  it was not necessary to carry a chain saw with for bigger trees. 

TAPIO 250 harvesting head became a popular harvesting head among farm owners because of the possibility to mount it on an agricultural tractor due to its lightness and power demand. Over the years different types of TAPIO harvesting heads have been developed by following the demands of the customers. Riuttolehto Oy obtained the manufacturing rights to TAPIO harvesting heads in the spring 2005 and continues manufacturing this excellent product.