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Combine a harsh environment and savage competition in the battle for survival. This is Africa, where only the strongest can survive in the oppressive heat and pervasive dust. This is also where machinery needs to be rugged, capable of withstanding intensive use by low-skilled employees whilst performing faultlessly day after day. African grasses can be tough. Kikuyu, a common grass in South African golf courses and lawns, is fibrous, vigorous and resilient. Its long growing season combines with its vigour to present a big workload to any mower. In combination with dust it presents an abrasive mix to blades. Yet the same conditions that encourage this invasive creeping rhizome allow the finest of turfs to thrive. The sporting traditions of South Africa and its ideal climate create a high demand for accurately cut playing surfaces. It is hardly surprising that some excellent machinery has been bred in this environment, and the very best is built with pride by PROTEA.

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The Grange, Sutton-cum-Granby , Nottinghamshire , NG13 9QA United Kingdom

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PROTEA is the home market leader for industrial-quality cylinder mowers and has gained its reputation for reliability, ruggedness and ease of use over its 25 years' development in the field. To prove their success, they are:

  • Used in virtually all their home market bowls clubs & all of the state municipalities,
  • Approved by the South African Football Association,
  • Used in almost all of the country's test cricket grounds, numerous golf courses, rugby clubs and tennis courts. 

Export versions have been developed which comply with all European Union standards for safety and environment and incorporate improved ergonomics. Careful consideration has been given to offer the features you, the customer, really want: all machines are tracked throughout their lives to assure spare part traceability. Subaru Robin EX engines are fitted as standard, selected for their reliability and low fuel consumption. In addition, all machines exhibit extremely low vibration levels to enable them to be used commercially for extended periods and finance packages are available to qualifying individuals and organisations. Add to this a comprehensive next-day delivery spares service and UK buyers can be assured of a long, trouble-free service life and excellent cutting performance from season to season.

PROTEA's mission is to produce machinery which can perform to the very highest standards under the toughest operating conditions at the lowest possible cost, and to provide support for all of its products throughout their long service lives. We at Rivendell are totally committed in the long-term to build on these results by giving you, the Customer, first class service.

PROTEA mowers and scarifiers are only available in the UK via Rivendell Projects, the sole European Distributor, and we are immensely proud to be associated with these world-class products.