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  • RKD - Centre Pivot

    RKD - Centre Pivot

    RKD Circular Irrigation System: The Sturdiest Pivot. The pyramidal structure of the RKD central pivot is built up with galvanized-steel angular profiles and the bolts are anchored to a square reinforced concrete platform. Both of these result in the RKD pivot’s having a remarkable sturdiness and stability which allow it to handle the turning movements of the machine. The pivot is water-fed through a vertical inlet pipe and elbow, both made of...

  • RKD - Multicentre Pivot

    RKD - Multicentre Pivot

    This works similarly to the center pivot, but it can be transported automatically in order to irrigate 2, 3, or more positions, providing a high increase of irrigation area with only one machine. This is a self-propelled system and neither a tractor nor any other kind of machine is needed to change its position. It moves sideways, and may be guided with alignment performed by means of a furrow or a cable; all required security systems are provided. It...

  • RKD - Front-Advance Lateral Irrigation System

    RKD - Front-Advance Lateral Irrigation System

    RKD Lateral Systems are suitable especially for irrigating rectangular plots and are guided by a precise system of alignment by means of a furrow or a cable. The cart is mounted on two or four driving wheels and the feeding of the equipment can be accessed by means of a hose connected to one or more hydrants, depending on the dimensions of the plot and the volume of flow it must provide; or by means of a motor-pump group fixed on top of the main cart,...

  • RKD - Hippodrome Systems

    RKD - Hippodrome Systems

    RKD hippodrome systems have been designed to irrigate square, rectangular or unusually shaped plots, allowing lateral irrigation and making the turn possible by pivoting at one or more points, internal or externally. They are able to irrigate when necessary, without requiring the anchoring of the central cart.