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  • Water Tanks

  • RNT - Fish Farming Tanks

    RNT - Fish Farming Tanks

    RNT Tanks provide small individual units to large capacity commercial solutions for land based fish farming and the aquaculture industry.

  • Silos

  • Flat Bottom Silo Storage Systems

    Flat Bottom Silo Storage Systems

    Our range of galvanised steel flat bottom silos and ‘bulk bins’ have been designed to meet the requirements for agricultural, horticultural and many other industry’s needs.

  • Hopper Silo Storage Systems & Feed Storage Bins

    Hopper Silo Storage Systems & Feed Storage Bins

    Our Hopper Silos are especially designed for temporarily storing wet grain prior to drying processes. The design of our cone bottom silos, where the base stands above the ground, allows for quick access and the fast dispatch of large quantities of many free flowing granulated materials.

  • Auger Conveyor Systems

  • Automatic Auger Feed Systems

    Automatic Auger Feed Systems

    The AUTOMATIC AUGER FEED SYSTEM allows complete flexibility of layout. Each system can be tailor-made to suit individual requirements of the farming or agricultural site. The feed automatically stops when the pressure cut-off switch is activated on the last feed outlet pipe, eradicating any wastage.

  • RNT - Unit Auger Conveyors

    RNT - Unit Auger Conveyors

    The Unit Auger System is designed and constructed with versatility in mind, suitable for temporary or permanent applications in the agriculture, commercial and a range of other industries.

  • RNT - High-Lift Auger Conveyors

    RNT - High-Lift Auger Conveyors

    Our High-Lift Auger Conveyors have been manufactured in England for over forty years, supplying both the British and European markets. RNT Tanks & Silos High-Lift material handling equipment, is easily assembled and provides great versatility for the farming, agricultural, horticultural and food industries. The high end auger is suitable for loading conveying of virtually all free flowing materials.