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  • Tree Buddy Trailers

    Tree Buddy Trailers

    The Tree Buddy was designed to make tying up large trees quick and easy. In the example shown an 18ft tree was tied in 5 minutes. The temperature was only 13 degrees out and the tree suffered no limb damage. This machine is simple and easy to use. It is very durable and has few moving parts. The Tree Buddy is equipped with full ball bearing rollers for smooth operation. Compare Tree Buddy to other tree tying machines that are hard to use and require a...

  • Sprayer

  • Model 4000  - Sprayer Trailer

    Model 4000 - Sprayer Trailer

    8'x12' Upper Deck. 10' x 12' Lower Deck. Folding Ramps, Wheel Stops. ABS Brakes. New 255-70R22.5 H Tires. New 25000# Axels

  • Model 4000  - Bumper Pull Trailer

    Model 4000 - Bumper Pull Trailer

    22.5' Sprayer Area Aluminum Wheels.Green Dual Jacks.Wheel Stops.Black Folding Ramps.Red ABS Brakes.Yellow New  255-70R22.5 H Tires.New 25000# Axels,

  • RoadRuner - Detach Trailer

    RoadRuner - Detach Trailer

    25 Ton to 60 Ton Capacities. Aluminum Outriggers. ABS Brakes. New 255-70R22.5 H Tires. New 25,000# Axles. Air Ride Suspension.

  • Model 4500, 6000, & 9000T - Fuel Trailer

    Model 4500, 6000, & 9000T - Fuel Trailer

    Honda Motor. Hose Reel 35' 1'. Hood Covers Motor and Reel. LED Lights. Fuel Gauge. New 255-70R15 Tires - 450 & 600 gal. New 255-70R16 Tires - 750 & 900 gal. Aluminum Fenders. Brakes on Both Axles. Size 450 is a Single Axle. Tank - 3/16' steel plate and baffled. Pumps 44 gpm.

  • Model POD - Trailer

    Model POD - Trailer

    As of 10-1-10, RoadRuner Manufacturing will only be manufacturing pod trailers during the months of June, July, & August. We can build a pod trailer to your specifications and brand.