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  • Irrigation System

  • Roberts Irrigation - Center Pivot Irrigation

    Roberts Irrigation - Center Pivot Irrigation

    The least labor intensive, most uniform and automatic of all the irrigation methods, center pivot irrigation covers more acres of cropland than any other method used in the Midwest. The system easily combines with global positioning systems for field location guidance and computerized automation. Start with the loose soil in your field, then add water and you’ll find out in a hurry that the weight of your center pivot irrigation system is a...

  • Drip Irrigation System

    Drip Irrigation System

    A very efficient and exacting method of irrigation, drip irrigation applies precise amounts of water to specific areas of the growing field. This method provides maximum crop yields and water savings. Roberts offers several types of low-volume irrigation – drip systems, micro spray and misting systems. From greenhouse to row crop applications, these systems use a minimum amount of water yet achieve maximum results because of the precision with...

  • Roberts - Protection Irrigation Systems

    Roberts - Protection Irrigation Systems

    Roberts Irrigation provides frost protection irrigation systems for thousands of acres of crops. Able to protect plants in temperatures to 20°F and lower, Roberts systems provide up to 90% distribution uniformity. In addition to better protection of plants during a night of sub-freezing temperatures, that high uniformity also increases growth rates and harvest yields. Roberts frost protection systems can be designed with either removable...

  • Solid Set Irrigation

    Solid Set Irrigation

    Whether solid set irrigation lines are above ground or buried, the solid set irrigation method can provide high application uniformity. In a solid set arrangement, pipe can be removed from the field for cultural practices which eliminates the necessity of farming around sprinkler risers. Because the pipe is not permanently fixed in one location, it is possible for successive sets to be offset from the previous position in order to even out the overall...

  • Traveling Guns

    Traveling Guns

    Providing maximum portability and dispersal flexibility, traveling guns are an ideal irrigation method for multiple field locations and fields with irregular shapes. Easy to set up and easy to use, traveling gun irrigation systems from Roberts can cover 100 acres and more with an inch of water within five days. While large acreage systems with two to four inch hoses can have a single travel path of over a quarter mile, Roberts offers systems sized for...