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  • Orchids


    Rocket Farms specializes in novelty phalaenopsis as well as a variety of orchid gardens. We meet with breeders from around the world and are active in the development of new orchid varieties. Rocket Farms has introduced innovative novelty varieties in the U.S. that are incredibly colorful. By being the first company to successfully ship orchids from Asia via ocean container, Rocket Farms was able to introduce orchids with a color mix that is the...

  • Campanula


    Rocket Farms is the largest grower of campanula in the U.S. Our Get MeeĀ® campanula is the only floral upright potted plant variety on the market. We partner with breeders on genetics and research, resulting in higher quality end product with our specific needs in mind. Our unique moderate year round climate, proprietary growing techniques and state of the art greenhouses result in campanula that are more consistent, have higher bud counts and have a...