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  • Agricultural Machinery- Loaders

  • Model MAX - Loaders

    Model MAX - Loaders

    Hydraulic connections Multi-connector. It allows connection with pressure. Ecological, without oil losses.

  • Roda - Model POM VX - Hydraulic Loader

    Roda - Model POM VX - Hydraulic Loader

    POM VX RODA hydraulic Loader with parallelogram system, hydraulic hoses to tractor distributor, tractor fastening and complete assembly kit. EURO quick coupling for accessories. MCV central electro-valve block. Double effect lifting cylinders. Double rod turning over cylinders with double release valve. Bronze ferrule in all rotation axis. Reinforced ball and socket joints in lifting cylinders and at the back of the blade arm. Release valve in lifting...

  • Max Leon - Loader

    Max Leon - Loader

    MAX LEON RODA Loader with mechanical parallelogram. Hydraulic system with hydraulic or electric monoblock. 2 double effect lifting cylinders. 2 double effect device activating cylinders  Quick crawler loader uncoupling from tractor. EURO-RODA® version quick device uncoupling Quick connects. Adjustable supporting feet.

  • Agricultural Machinery- Loader Implements

  • Roda - Aggregates Shovel

    Roda - Aggregates Shovel

    RODA aggregates shovel attachable to all loader brands. Sizes from 1,350 mm to 2,200 mm. Optional teeth.

  • Foresty Machinery- Terrano Bulldozers

  • Roda Terrano - Model 1 - Bulldozer

    Roda Terrano - Model 1 - Bulldozer

    RODA TERRANO 1 Bulldozer. Fixed Straight. Coupling to the 3 points / shovel/ frontal tractor, etc. ST-52 Blade steel. Blade anti-wear steel.  Wheels optional.

  • Roda - Model 2M - Bulldozer

    Roda - Model 2M - Bulldozer

    RODA Terrano 2 M mechanical. Box blade with mechanical angular motion. It can be installed in a 3rd hydraulic point or in a shovel.