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  • Hog facility Texas, USA

    Hog facility Texas, USA

    Type of Wastewater System: Supernate pit flush system Problem: This facility was having problems with manure crusting and floating on the top of the pit. This was making it impossible to flush the solids from the pit to an anaerobic digester. It ...

  • Dairy farm New Mexico, USA

    Dairy farm New Mexico, USA

    Type of Wastewater System: Facility to Lagoon For Solid and Wastewater Collection Problem: This facility has an expensive liner in its lagoon, and the use of equipment to remove the solids from the lagoon was not an option. It also dewaters the ...

  • Crosswinds dairy portales, NM

    Crosswinds dairy portales, NM

    Background Buildup of sludge in this 12 year old lagoon has been a continual problem. Sludge had to be physically removed and involved the use of heavy equipment and risk of damage to the plastic liner. Another chronic problem involved the ...

  • Dairy farm Oklahoma, USA

    Dairy farm Oklahoma, USA

    Type of Wastewater System: Facility to Sediment Basin for Solids collection, Sediment Basin to Lagoon for Water collection Expectations: This facility was in need of solid removal from sediment basin as it was to a point of water flow restriction ...