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  • Post Hole Digger

    Post Hole Digger

    Rolin Manufacturing began manufacturing the Post Hole Digger in 1988. It is the safest, most durable digger on the market. The picture at the left illustrates how easily the post hole digger can be attached to any size loader or skid steer. The augers are 4 1/2 feet long and come in a variety of sizes from 4' - 24 '. It is also self-aligning and reversible. It boasts good penetration due to the applied down pressure from the loader or skid steer. The...

  • Rolin - Stack Movers

    Rolin - Stack Movers

    The Rolin Manufacturing stack mover comes in 11ft , 13 ft or 15 ft widths with an optional 2' extension available. Lengths availabe range from 25 to 32 feet. Models are available in 8 to 14 ton capacities. It comes with your choice of 2 heavy duty hudraulic motors or P.T.O. driven gear box at 540 or 1000 R.P.M. It is made of heavy duty structural tubing making it the most rugged and durable mover on the market. It follows the tractor tire wheels,...

  • Calf Corral

    Calf Corral

    The calf corral helps ranchers tag new calves, vaccinate or tend to their medical needs safely inside a portable corral. The calf corral is pulled beside a 4-wheeler so calves can be taken care of out in the pasture safely and quickly. Mom can't get to you or the calf and you can properly care for it safely.

  • Utility, Gravity Box or Bunk Feed Trailer

    Utility, Gravity Box or Bunk Feed Trailer

    The gravity box trailer pictured at the left includes a lid and grain door for easy loading, unloading and storage. It holds 180 - 425 bushels of grain and can be equipment with a divider to haul seed and fertilizer at once. The gravity box trailer also includes a gooseneck (5th wheel) hitch.

  • Rolin - Minimum Tiller Used in Folding Grain Drills

    Rolin - Minimum Tiller Used in Folding Grain Drills

    The same three point hitch models Rolin Manufacturing Seeder Weeders that are used on some folding grain drills can be used on the folding press drills by lengthening the hitches. This makes for a good seed bed preparation and easy turning can be done with one operation. This preserves moisture and saves fuel by eliminating another trip around your fields.