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  • Feed Processing Machines

  • Model S1200 - Grinders/ Crimpers

    Model S1200 - Grinders/ Crimpers

    Against hammer mills, with fine milling for swines you can save about 30 %, and with coarse milling for poultry even up to 70 % of energy. The feed value of grind from roller mills enhances feed digestibility and production efficiency.

  • Agricultural Transport Machinery

  • ROTOS - Self Loading Round Bale Handler

    ROTOS - Self Loading Round Bale Handler

    Self-loading round bale handler ROTOS provides the most effective way of loading and transport of pressed straw, hay and silage. The average loading time of 10 bales with diameter 1,5 m is 3 minutes.The machine can be used both for direct transport of bales to the farm and for delivery of bales to the side of a field. Collection facing the direction of tractor travel without necessity to stop or slow down. Hydraulic-operated loading mechanism is...

  • Atlant  - Model 20  - Tractor Trailers

    Atlant - Model 20 - Tractor Trailers

    Series of tractor trailers ATLANT includes the most available special tandem trailers with bowl body folding backwards and universal chassis ATLANT. It is possible to make use of many different types of bodies and their combination for these chassis. Chassis are already at basic prepared for assembly whichever body from our production programme or from the programme of cooperating producers.

  • TITAN  - Model 16 - Tractor Containers

    TITAN - Model 16 - Tractor Containers

    Tractor containers TITAN belong to transport technology useable also aside agricultural primary production. TITAN is plentifully used in communal services in cities and towns, in compost companies, heating power stations but also at smaller agricultural farms. The advantage of operating TITAN consists in using more pieces and types of containers platform trucks, high-volume ones, storage ones, tanks with volume...