The ROOT!T range is the latest innovation in propagation and has been developed to help growers get off to a flying start. With our ongoing product development, we constantly look for ways to improve existing products as well as creating new ones. The products are all designed to maximise success rates and be simple to use. ROOT!T Propagation Sponges are a breakthrough in growing media technology. A blend of Peat and Bark is bonded with a Biodegradable Polymer and a mix of beneficial microbes and micro nutrients. The dual hole design allows for the versatility of propagating either seeds or root cuttings. The sponge structure creates the correct amount of support without material compression improving water retention but maintaining an air/water balance.

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Reliable performance
Most of our kits feature the ROOT!T Natural Rooting Sponge which has demonstrated time after time superior rooting ability. It is nice to handle, clean and compostable after use. It dries from the outside in so you will see when it is time to water before your plants get stressed. Due to the way it is made, when combined with ROOT!T Rooting Gel, it will encourage root growth on cuttings faster than any other growing media.

We maintain stringent quality control to ensure products perform consistently well. Each batch of liquid product undergoes complete laboratory analysis before shipment.