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  • Straight Fertilisers

    Straight Fertilisers

    Rosier produces straight nitrogen and phosphate fertilisers. Calcium ammonium nitrate, or more simply CAN, is an effective nitrogen fertiliser suitable for use with all sorts of plants and on all types of soil. It is an easy-spreading product. Another straight N fertilizer is ASN. Next to 26 % Nitrogen, it contains 14 % S. Triple ( T.S.P.) and Single Super Phosphates ( S.S.P.) are both straight phosphate fertilisers. Phosphate is...

  • Compound Fertilisers

    Compound Fertilisers

    The three most important components are nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. Nitrogen is most important for plant growth. The same is true of phosphate, but more particularly in the early development of the young plant, as it encourages root growth. Potassium gives strength and transportation for all elements.

  • Special Additives

    Special Additives

    In many cases, fertilisers are still incomplete. Plants also require much smaller proportions of sulphur, sodium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements such as boron, cobalt and manganese, yields being reduced if these are in short supply. Rosier therefore enriches many of its compound fertilisers with these essential trace elements. With its flexible production units, Rosier is able to offer relatively small production runs. We can supply...